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Hearing this question, Song Enya felt terrified and stifled as she raised her head to meet Yun Shishis cold gaze.

“He said that youre only a sister to him.

Should I mind, hell keep his distance from you and even cut ties with you!”

Just this statement was enough to send her mercilessly into hell.

In that instant, it was as if her heart had stopped beating!

Tears broke out and rolled down her cheeks.

She stubbornly clenched her teeth.

Refusing to let Yun Shishi witness her pathetic state, she choked out, “Youre lying; youre lying! Brother Mu dotes on me the most; he wont ever… You must be lying!”

“Well, you can always ask him if you dont believe.”

Yun Shishi did not lie at all.

The man had truly said it himself.

She merely quoted him.

Yun Shishi was angry now, especially upon recalling how this woman had trampled on her pride moments ago.

Knowing how he viewed her now, she could not accept the blow and broke down.

She was not only a vase 1 but also a very delicate one.

In fact, Yun Shishi was one to bear grudges.

Well, a real man must settle his scores.

Hence, she intended to continue pouring salt on the bloody wound of the mans niece.

“It seems that youre nothing to him at all if he can cut ties with you for a woman whom hes justplaying with.

Your devotion toward him has gone to waste!”

Song Enya lost control of herself as she howled, “Shut up, you b*tch!”

With that, she threw herself ferociously at her in an attempt to strangle her to death!

At this moment, after being repeatedly spited by this woman before her, she was no longer in full control of herself.

She was hell-bent on teaching this b*tch a lesson today!

Yun Shishi was unbothered by this.

Simply leaning slightly to the side and stretching out her foot, she caused Song Enya, who was blinded by anger, to take a tumble to the floor just like a dog with mud on its mouth.

The ground was made of cement and was uneven with gravel.

With this fall, the mans niece, in her skimpy dress, broke the skin on her knees with tiny beads of blood seeping out of them.

There were also bloody abrasions on her palms.

How disheveled she looked presently!

Song Enya looked down and saw the terrible wounds on her knees.

In the Song family, she was always pampered with love like a princess.

Before the birth of Song Enxi, she was the apple of the eye of her family.

Doted on by her parents and brother alike, she had never suffered any grievances.

Even after the birth of her youngest sibling, her parents love for her did not diminish.

Her arrogant temperament was due to being spoiled rotten by them.

With their loving princess treatment of her, she had white, flawless skin and became rather vain about not letting herself get hurt

Alas, now, as she bowed her head, her knees were covered in wounds she found too tragic to look at.

Stubbornly glaring at the other, she howled mournfully.

“Yun Shishi, you shameless b*tch!”

Tears rolled down face, ruining her meticulously done makeup into uneven smudges.

“Yes, thats it.” Yun Shishi smiled elegantly at her.

“I like seeing you in this manner – how you hate me but still cant get rid of me.”


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