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The Bentley slowly parked at the carpark of Huxin Island.

This island, which was artificially made two years ago, was now a popular landmark in the capital.

A restaurant was situated on the island.

The scenic view from it was perfect for those poetic and artistic at heart.

Bali Island Western Restaurant.

This capitals top western restaurant had a very romantic ambiance – perfect for couples.

Per week, this restaurant hosted only one pair of lovers as guests.

Rumors had it that this was the most expensive restaurant across the capital.

Either the contents of the menu or glasses of fine wine were extremely luxurious.

Hence, many hearsays claimed that Bali Islands couple package was worth at least 10 million.

When Yun Shishi first heard of their reputation, she found it to be greatly overblown.

How could anyone be so stupid to spend 10 million for a single western meal

However, as she alighted from the car with the skirts hemline in her hand, she was surprised to see the magnificent cruise ship moored on the shore.

It was so beautiful.

Now that it was nighttime, the entire island was embraced by colorful lights.

It was extremely romantic.

As the evening breeze picked up, a floral fragrance wafted in the air.

The blooming flowers by the shore blanketed the area like an expensive carpet.

The stars in the night sky, coupled with the star lanterns, decorated the lake.

The scenery was absolutely breathtaking.

She could not help but be fascinated by this romantic view as she walked along the lakeside.

The floral fragrance, the nightscape, the star lights – all kept her entranced, and by the time she came to herself, the car had already left.

What was his intention by doing this

Why was she left alone here

Her heart pounded as she looked at her surroundings and found a dock nearby.

The nightscape of Huxin Island was very beautiful.

That was not all; at the lakeside, there was a dock holding several small cruise ships.

Once on board, one could easily travel around the island.

Although tickets were expensive, people still came in droves.

Hence, there was a long line at the dock right now.

Many were waiting for their turn to board the ships and tour around the island while basking in the beautiful night scene.

She was now even more confused.

Just what was that man up to

Dolling her up and then leaving her alone in this place, how would she get back to the city

She supposed that she could catch a public bus here but she had nothing on her.

Her phone and her wallet were not with her.

She started to feel depressed.

Catching sight of someone by the dock, she thought she could go up and ask for directions to see if there was any way to return to the city from here.

Hence, she walked in the direction of the dock.

Halfway there, as she was walking anxiously without paying much attention to her surroundings, she bumped into a woman and knocked the latters phone onto the ground.

She hurriedly apologized and picked up the persons phone.

However, the woman impatiently shouted, “Tsk! Whats wrong with you Dont you look at where youre going Really!”

She frowned at that but did not wish to argue with this passerby and focused only on picking up the phone.

When she lifted her head to look at the woman, she was quite shocked.

It was her…

This woman was not just anyone; she was that person she had seen at the hospital that day, Song Enya.

Why would she see her here

She froze on the spot, a hint of doubt and surprise showing on her face.

This was way too much of a coincidence.

Song Enya originally intended to cruise around the island to view the nightscape with her friends.

After they bought the tickets, they found out that they still needed to queue; hence, they decided to walk along the lakeside first and enjoy the nightscape.

However, she was knocked by someone and her phone, which was not tightly held, dropped to the ground.


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