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Hearing the cold sound of the door closing, she hugged her shoulders and felt the frightening bruises on her wrists.

Her eyes were swollen, but she dared not let out even the tiniest cry, even if it was just a whimper.

Soon after, she heard the sound of a car engine starting up coming from outside.

The vehicle drove into the distance, further and further away, until the sound of the engine subsided.

Realizing his departure, she could no longer endure it.

She immediately shut her eyes and sobbed her heart out.

In this unfamiliar seaside villa, she gave the pure her up completely to an unknown male.

Before, she wondered on why he would choose her.

After giving it some thought, she concluded that it was because of her identity as a commoner that would be unable to fight for the child's custody rights in the future.

She did not know if this was right and how long she should hide this from her father.

Her family's situation had driven her into a corner and she was at her wits' end, but she did not regret this – to be precise, she was in no position to regret this.

To a person struggling to make ends meet, this thing called pride was too much of a luxury, and this was also her only way out.

Moreover, as an adopted child, for the past few years, her father had always treated her like she was his own flesh and blood.

Despite her adoptive mother and sister not liking her, she was not short of anything in life.

Thus, she was already very grateful for this.

Now that the financial crisis had left her family in dire straits, she had to repay their kindness somehow.

She did not want to think of anything else for now.

Mu Yazhe would never know that this night had left so many everlasting scars in her life and, even more so, he would never know of his future interactions with this woman.


The rays of the morning sun.

Yun Shishi carefully sat herself up the bed and slowly removed the piece of red silk covering her eyes.

She covered herself up with the snowy white sheets and walked to the window to pull the curtains wide apart.

However, the rays of the sun were unable to shine into her heart.

From outside came hurried footsteps.

The door swung wide open.

Shocked, Yun Shishi spun around, only to see a dignified and glamorous lady walk in and approach her with an angry face.

Obediently walking by her side was the secretary she had signed the surrogacy contract with.

The lady stepped toward her.

Standing still, looking all high and mighty, she examined her from head to toe with disgust.

Once she lay her eyes on the hickey on her body, she froze.

Yun Shishi anxiously covered her body with the blanket more tightly, but it was unable to hide that love mark on her neck.

Jealousy and anger pricked her eyes.

She spoke furiously, "You're… You're that surrogate!"

Yun Shishi gulped.

"Yes… and you are…."


The reply she received was a tight slap to her face!

"You shameless b*tch! You… How dare you… How dare you…" The lady grabbed her hair with rage as her face drained of color.

"Don't think that by giving birth to his baby, you can use this to gain status! Let me warn you; I am his legitimate fiancée and you are just a surrogate! Don't even think of coveting something that is not yours, you understand!"

Yun Shishi was astounded.

She spoke perplexedly, "I signed the contract, and I am clear about the clauses! I know my place, would you please…."

"It's good that you understand!" Her chest puffed up as she spoke.

Although she knew, deep down, that if she were fertile, this girl would never come along to give birth to the successor of the Mu family for him.

However, once she was reminded of them tangling in the sheets for an entire night, she could not help but flip out in jealousy!


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