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When he pushed the door ajar, he spotted her entire body submerged in the bathtub.

It was hidden away by the soap bubbles and a thick layer of foam filling the bathtub from prying eyes.

A wave of relief washed over him, followed by the tightening of his chin.

He went over to her with a sullen face.

“Are you done cleaning yourself”

She only concerned herself with tucking her head to her chest and furiously scrubbing her body.

Her face looked apathetic.

No one knew for how long she had been scrubbing her body, but the way she exerted all her strength into doing the task made it seem as if she was hell-bent on exfoliating a layer of her skin!

As for his question, she acted as if she did not hear it at all.

This woman was clearly furious with him.

Her heart had clearly gone cold toward him.

He bent down with a solemn expression and brushed aside a layer of soap bubbles; his eyes then instantly contracted chillingly.

The skin, which was originally flawless as white jade, was now raw.

Nonetheless, she continued to rub and clean her skin, as if she were numb to the pain.

Some parts of her body, which were especially delicate, already had streaks of blood present, owing to her furious scrubbing!

D*mn it!

What was she doing!

What was she rubbing so hard for Did she not feel pain

Her skin was extremely delicate; normally, a lasting red mark would form with a light pinch from him!

Even he could not bear to trample her skin; what exactly was she doing

Abusing herself

Was she using this to infuriate him – to get her revenge on him

His heart ached painfully.

He stepped forward to her and moved to take away the towel in her hands at once.

He flew into a rage.

“Are you crazy!”

She jerked away from him abruptly and turned to face him frostily as she tugged at her lips to form a distant arch.

“What wrong have I done this time”

His brows creased as he watched her furiously toss the towel, which was soaked in soap bubbles, at him.

The soap bubbles splashed into the air and spattered onto his taut and gloomy face.

The eyes she used to look at him were now bloodshot.

“Didnt you want me to clean myself! What wrong have I done I know that you detest my filthy body.

Im washing it; Im washing it with all my might already!”

“Get your facts straight!” He clasped her wrist at once and reproved in a hushed voice.

“I never asked you to mistreat yourself like this!”

She chuckled sternly at him in response.

“Im not mistreating myself.

Its just that, how will I become clean if I dont wash myself like this”

Each word she spouted increasingly induced his rage.

He warned her not to infuriate him.

What about him Was his every word simply not frustrating, hurtful, or embarrassing to her

Those places in his body Mu Wanrou had touched that she found to be detestable, would he clean them, too

She proceeded to lather some body wash onto her flesh.

The bottle of liquid soap, which was previously filled to the brim, was now completely empty.

Since he wanted her to wash herself clean, she would then make herself spick and span.

Completely angered by her words, his brows came to a knit.

At this moment, he had to hold his temper in.

He picked up the towel and attempted to help her wipe her body.

However, she forcibly pushed him away in return.

“Dont touch me!”

His expression sank as his eyes were met with her fuming ones.

Every look she cast on him was filled with contempt.

“Dont touch me!”


“You dislike that Ive become dirty from other peoples touches, right I, on the other hand, detest that youve become filthy from another womans touch!”

She snatched back her towel from his hands at once and told him with derision, “Please ensure that your body has been cleaned properly before touching me.

Youre squeamish about cleanliness, so why wont I be squeamish about it, too!”

“What do you mean!” The mask over the fury on his face was now unveiled.



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