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The invisible clash between the twos aura spread to every corner of the film set.

It was akin to the fierce collision of countless spears in midair.

The mans piercingly cold gaze laid on the hand gripping her, and he demanded in a solemn voice, “Remove your hand from her!”

The superstars emotionless eyes met his.

He did not fear his threat at all.

Holding her hand even tighter, he even locked his fingers with hers.

She scrutinized Mu Yazhes sinking expression, and she writhed about to dislodge her hand from the superstars.

The superstar steadfastly clung onto her hand, however, and even turned to assure her.

“Im here.

Dont be afraid.”

His comforting words could not, unfortunately, calm her nerves.

Undoubtedly, his protection only served to fuel the mans rage.

She did not wish to infuriate this man, nor did she wish to implicate the innocent.

The director propped himself up using his staffs shoulder and spectated that the field of the fight, which was currently charged full of volatile energy.

Something clicked in his mind at that moment while he observed his superior, whose fury made all the muscles in his body tighten.

Could Yun Shishi be his woman

Was it because of this that he issued the injunction order and forbade her from having any kissing scenes during the filming of this production or from having any intimate contact with people of the opposite gender

Was this because of his possessiveness toward her

Then… What about Gu Xingze!

Why was he going up against their boss

What exactly was he thinking of

Lin Fengtian, who was suddenly stressed out, felt a slight headache coming on.

He absolutely did not expect for the situation to get out of hand.

“Let her go!” Mu Yazhe issued his ultimatum.

He could certainly not hold in his temper any longer.

Who did this superstar think he was to have the audacity to fight him

Yun Shishi trembled from head to toe from the immense fear she was feeling right now.

The superstar sensed her fingers iciness and ceaseless shivering.

Clasping her palm more securely to his, he pulled her back even further behind him in a bid to protect her instead of letting her go.

“Very well!” The man dragged his lips into a murderous concave arc as he marched toward the two.

Lin Fengtian realized that things were about to blow up and get more out of hand.

He quickly bit his teeth and stepped forward to stop his superior.

He spared him no attention, though, and, in the moments heat, sent him flying to the side with his kick.

The elderly man collided against the prop container, and his head and vision subsequently spun.

Her complexion instantly paled ghastly.

She was about to stop the man when she noticed him tramping toward the superstar!

“No, Mu Yazhe!” she exclaimed.

The superstar quickly shoved her out of his and the mans area of confrontation.

She lost her balance as a corollary, and her body hit the wall.

When she recovered from this, she saw the man already running amok.

He fisted the superstars collar and sent a punch to his face.

The superstar, who was unprepared, received his sturdy blow straight on.

His face twisted to the side from the impact, and a constant streak of blood quickly flowed from a cut to the corner of his lips.

She trembled from fright at this sight.

With bated breath, she tried to intervene in the twos fight, but she was dragged to the side by a crew member.

“Shishi, dont go over.

Its too dangerous!”

Blood having rushed to their heads in a fit of anger, the two men fought with equal ferociousness.

If they were just a bit careless with their moves and hurt her, her bones would surely shatter from the blow!

Slowly straightening his posture, the superstars long fingers went over to his lips as he tasted blood when his tongue glided over it.

Mu Yazhes fist was certainly out to kill.

At a very young age, the man was thrown into a special military boot camp by Mu Sheng to undergo hellish training.

It was by no means a childs play to taste blood at gunpoint!


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