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She approached him while she trembled in trepidation; her anxiety was to the extent that even her eyelashes were vibrating.

Tears welled up in her eyes and wetted her lashes as they seeped down the corners, leaving a streak of watery path on her cheeks.

This kiss was a despondent cry for him.

Yun Shishi was totally into her character.

Her every facial feature, down to her every strand of lashes, expressed the dramatic emotions of the protagonist.

Gu Xingze struggled inside his heart as he watched her throw herself fully into the act.

He was moved by her desperate kiss!

His heart ached for her.

At the same time, inkling of love and reluctance to let go rose from within him.

The male protagonist was supposed to reject her advances and avoid the kiss at this juncture!

However, he could not shake off his real desire; he wanted this womans kiss so much he could not find the strength to push her away.

Without knowing what he was doing, he stretched out his arm to hold the restless and desperate girl in front of him.

The assistant director, who was sitting next to the monitor, swiftly stood up with disapproval on face.

The superstar had lost control of himself.

According to the script, his next action should be to push her away forcefully and not to embrace her!

He was about to interrupt their acting when, without warning, Lin Fengtian pulled him back to his seat by his sleeve.

“Director Lin” he whispered, curious on why the director had stopped him.

“Shh! Dont talk!” Obviously, the director was pleasantly surprised by their improvised acting.

This was a blessing in disguise, actually.

While the star did step out of his role, he astounded the director with his realistic performance.

“This is the feeling Im looking for.”

Because, to Yin Dongyu, he actually longed for this kiss.

He, too, loved Yin Xiachun, but unlike his sister, he lacked the courage.

He was the rational type that would not let himself commit any action against the acceptable norm.

Hence, when he found himself having romantic desires for his sister, he quickly reined himself in and even got a female classmate to return home with him.

Although he constantly kept his distance from her, his heart would still not stop desiring her and her kiss.

How the star was developing the plot right now was actually the best way to portray the inner conflict of the male protagonist.

His hesitation very well displayed the struggle between love and rationality of the character.

Feelings were something that could not be controlled in the first place, right

This way, the character would be more three-dimensional and feel more real!

“Do a close-up for Yin Dongyu!” Lin Fengtian hurriedly pulled in another recorder for this unexpected turn of events.

The original intention was to do a close-up of only Yin Xiachun to show her helplessness and hopelessness.

Now, the director wanted to do the same with the male protagonist, and his intention was to capture every change in the mans facial expression clearly!

From the camera lens, his facial expression had transformed into one of shock.

It was as if he had returned to reality all of a sudden and realized that they were merely acting a scene.

His arms held suspended in the air for a while before he hastily pushed her away.

He stood up without warning and turned his body away from her, looking pale with alarm and ridicule.

She hit the piano at his push.

Her elbows hit the black and white keys and they emitted dissonant basses, sounding shrill and heavy.

These discordant sounds reflected the twos emotional states very well.

She looked embarrassed and hapless as she stood up.

With a dry laugh, she retorted with shaking lips, “Brother, why… did you push me away”

“Dont you find this ridiculous” He touched his lip flaps where her warmth lingered still, and his eyes dulled as he asked this question.

“How is this ridiculous Tell me why it is ridiculous”

She choked as she straightened her body from the piano stool.

Walking toward him from behind, she tugged at his sleeve just like what she used to do when she was much younger.

“Why cant I kiss you”


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