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“Theres nothing to be envious of…” Yun Shishi numbly replied.

“You can act alongside Brother Xingze! Oh, my! You two look so good together – absolutely compatible! The scenes produced are going to look great!” the assistant exclaimed enthusiastically, clasping her chest.

The actress could only smile at her.

“Well, thats enough silliness out of you.”

Just as she finished saying that, the field assistant hurried over to remind her.

“Shishi, your scene is up next; please get ready!”

“Eh, understood.

Thanks!” She nodded and tidied up before she went off.

At the side, Mu Xi saw the man absentmindedly watch her artiste, his forlorn gaze never leaving her back.

Catching sight of his miserable look, the assistant was lost in her thoughts momentarily.

Frankly, those observing them at the site had difficulty telling if the two were acting.

As part of the production team working with artistes all year round, she could easily tell whether a person was acting or not; no matter how realistic the artistes acting was.

However, for the last few takes involving the two leads, she often got the impression that, while the lady was acting, the gentleman was certainly not.

She could see the turmoil in his eyes whenever he looked at her artiste; there were feelings of love and affection, which he seemed to be hiding, coming from him.

It was hard to differentiate whether he was just acting or truly felt that way!

His every expression and eye contact revealed his adoration.

Not even a seasoned thespian talent could emote with such ardor.

When it came to the feel, it was either real or an act.

Hence, the scenes were mostly finished with a single cut.

Even the perfectionist Lin Fengtian could not nitpick regarding their takes.

In this troubled and forbidden love, Yin Xiachuns fearlessness and courage and Yin Dongyus buried adoration were wonderfully expressed by both artistes.

Everyone present was easily led into the plot by their acting.

They secretly praised her excellent and believable acting and his sensitive portrayal of the characters emotional depth.

Mu Xi, however, felt that the man was not just acting.

Was he too engrossed in the show he took his feelings for real

Is he interested in her

Soon, it was nighttime.

Only one more scene remained between the couple.

The scene was set in the schools music room where the two were left by themselves.

According to the plot, this was when the two would reveal their affections for each other.

Yin Xiachun had dragged her brother over to the music room in the middle of the night so that he could teach her how to play a piece by Chopin.

Yin Dongyu would teach her the finger work while sitting next to her when she, in a momentary lapse of reason, suddenly drew close to kiss him on his lips.

He was taken aback.

Abruptly, the music notes halted.

His sister was unable to control the affections welling within her as she clutched at his chest and put her lips on his.

The first kiss between the two protagonists happened in this scene; it was considered as one of the climaxes in the show.

The original fans voted this as one of their most-anticipated scenes.

Lin Fengtian had high hopes for this scene, too.

Beforehand, Mu Yazhe laid down the ground rule that Yun Shishi was forbidden from having any kissing or hugging scenes.

This put the director in a fix.

This was because this scene could not be completed with a stand-in.


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