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“Get out!”

He reinforced his fist with all the frustrations he had inside him and sent it flying toward his subordinates shoulder.

The latters arm was nearly dislocated by the brutal punch!

Min Yu promptly excused himself to the side while he cradled his injured shoulder.

He ignored the immense pain radiating from it and remained standing perfectly still as he surveyed the livid man before him with trepidation.

From what he could remember, his boss seldom lost his temper.

Having a greater self-restraint than so many others, everything seemed to be under his control, and there was no exception to that.

Yun Shishi, however, appeared to be one.

Only that woman was outside of his superiors control.

Balling up his hands into fists, the man emanated a chillingly terrifying aura one could feel it in his bones.

The pressure from his aura was so grim and overwhelming it seemed capable of suffocating anyone.

Min Yu peered at the sharp look in the mans eyes and suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

The man before him was indubitably a terrifying man.

He could truly make others fear him from the bottom of their hearts.

“Find her location!”

Receiving his order, he speedily bowed his head and took his leave.

Dispatching his men to find the womans whereabouts, he got her set of coordinates and rushed to report it accurately to the man.

“Boss, Miss Yun is filming today.”



The filming for that movie Lin Fengtian is directing and Gu Xingze is playing the male lead role officially begins today!” he informed.

Mu Yazhe furrowed his brows and demanded there and then, “Book the tickets and return!”

Stunned by his command, he tentatively asked, “Are we going back now”


Book the tickets right away!”

The subordinate hesitantly reminded his superior.

“Boss, about that follow-up for the acquisition tomorrow—”

“Didnt you hear my order!” His boss spun around and lifted his eyes on to him.

The anger in them threatened to spill in the next second.

“Perhaps, you also dare to defy me”

The assistant, who was greatly alarmed at the mans words, instantly bent his head in submission.

He then answered his superior in a trembling voice, “I dare not!”

Mu Yazhe glared at him grimly.

“Book the tickets now.


Right away!”


In the affiliated middle school of Jinghua University.

It was the end of June, and midterms were over.

The production team rushed to finish filming the scenes by the end of the school holidays.

For the shooting process, the production team would complete filming for all the scenes in this location.

Once they were done, they would move to another filming location.

The scenes were arranged to be filmed by location to minimize the budget spent and reduce the manpower needed in setting up the movies backdrops.

Simply put, following the timeline in the script would not work when filming as it would waste a lot of time, money, and effort.

The cast changed into different outfits and followed the storyboard to complete their scenes.

The filming progress was unexpectedly slow, however.

Lin Fengtian, with his attentiveness to even the littlest detail, sought for perfection when shooting.

Thus, as long as a gaze missed the mark, he would request for a retake.

There was even a time when the production team spent two entire days filming the scenes for just the schools anniversary.

It was all due to Yang Mi frequently falling into a trance as she stood in the first row.

She was not feeling quite herself in those days; her soulless eyes kept floating elsewhere.

For several times, Director Lin had lashed out to her via his megaphone simply because she was in a daze.

The weather was sometimes dreadful in June; hitting 35 degrees Celsius, it felt extremely stuffy.

All the actors could not avoid getting exposed to the raging sun for a protracted time due to her mistakes.

First-rate actors who were out of the frame still managed to cool and hydrate themselves under the trees.

The extras, unfortunately, had to suffer along with Yang Mi under the heat.

Some with weaker constitutions nearly passed out from the heat.


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