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Because of this, his heart ached fiercely as well.

This girl was simply foolish beyond hope.

She had actually reduced herself into such a sorry state.

All along, he was thinking that he had also turned this way.

Although her eyes were never on him, he was still so concerned for her.

He had truly lost to her.

He had become foolish beyond hope too.

He lifted his gaze.

The pounding of the heavy metal music in the bar pierced his left ear and the heartbreaking sobs of this fragile beauty before him filled his right ear.

For reasons unknown, a sense of powerlessness coursed through his body.

He suddenly could not bear this anymore, so he cradled her face in his hands and stared at it.

“Couldnt it be me”

He posed that question in his sultry and magnetic voice, while he peered at her face with knitted brows.

“Must it be him Couldnt it be me, instead” he emotionally reiterated.

She was startled and a little confused by his sudden queries.

“I am able to do whatever Mu Yazhe is able to do and can provide you with whatever he can provide.

Anything he cant give or promise, I can offer to you, too.” After spouting everything in nearly one breathing, he then closely monitored the changes in her facial expression.

“Let me ask you again; couldnt it be me”

Her eyes bulged momentarily in astonishment.

Moisture could be found beading on her lashes.

The moment she comprehended his words, her expression froze entirely from shock.

His handsome face closed in on hers.

In the next second, he touched his thin lips on the corner of her eye and gently dried it of tears with a kiss.

Her face hardened even more from this unprecedented kiss.

He did not stop there, though.

His feathery kisses landed successively on her lashes and sucked the moisture away from there.

His loving lips then arrived at the tip of her nose and proceeded to graze it like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

However, before his lips could reach hers, she came back to her senses, and she shoved him away in a fluster thereafter.

“Dont do this…” With bated breath, she turned her face away from him.

She could hardly handle his sudden action.

“I only… regard you as a senior in the industry.

I dont harbor other thoughts.”

In response to her shocking words, he only showed a smile before he said, “Mhm… Im aware.”

He knew.

Still, he wanted to fight for her.

A sudden pang of loneliness hit him.

She glanced at him, feeling uneasy and a little guilty.

She could sense his feelings for her, but she was unable to reciprocate them.

She held nothing but admiration and respect for him.

Since she had no feelings for him, she should neither get close to him nor give him false hope, lest she bring him bitter disappointment.

She could not bear to do that.

The look on her face somehow clued him in on her shock at his sudden kisses.

He stretched his hand out to gently scuffle her hair.

“Im sorry.

Ive gone too far in teasing you.”

“N-No worries.” She easily accepted his apology on the outside.

Meanwhile, on the inside, she was filled with fright by his out-of-character proposal.

With her back on him, agony fleeted across her eyes for a moment before she forced out a smile for him.

“Le-Lets go back.”

She proceeded to make her way back to the booth ahead of him.

He feebly displayed a grin as he trailed after her.

The two headed in the same direction while they bore different thoughts.

If she just looked behind her now, she would see the misery on his face.

This misery was like a needle deeply pricking his lung, causing pain to shoot through his bones with his every breath.


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