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“Am I correct this time”

“I-I d-dont know what nonsense you are spouting!” Her enemys icy tone held a tinge of panic.

With a slight smile, she commented neutrally, “Do you dare deny the indecent proposition between you and the welfare center director”

The other vehemently denied, “What indecent proposition!”

“Do you really think that I have no clue of what happened then I dont want to spell out what you did with him; its so disgusting.” She might be unaware of what they were doing back then, but now that she was all grown-up, she wholly comprehended that scene she had mindlessly bumped into as a child.

Desperate to conceal her ugly past that the other was unreservedly exposing, Mu Wanrou, who had lost her cool, rushed up to Yun Shishi and pushed the latter against the wall with her hands on her throat.

Her face was a mixture of fury and shame as she demanded, “What do you know, and what did you see!”

She almost drove her to suffocation with the strength she used.

Turning red from the constricting grip, Yun Shishi instinctively stomped on the others foot.

That got the latter retreating in a hurry.

“Cough, cough, cough!” She halted her coughing fit and lifted her head to fix Mu Wanrou with her bloodshot eyes.

“Are you trying to kill me, just like 15 years ago, because I know too much!”

The wordkill tumbled out of her mouth unconsciously, yet it produced a strong reaction from her enemy, and the latter shamefully jerked her head up.

Her eyes shot daggers in Yun Shishis direction!

Has she found out

Does that mean she knows Im the one who sent those killers after her at the theme park that day!

For a moment, she was at a loss on what the other was thinking.

Yun Shishi did not know what she was fretting about, however, and merely continued to speak.

“The welfare center director was found guilty of pedophilia a few years ago and sent to prison.

He was just a beast in disguise under his suit! How many children has he destroyed for good As for you, Mu Wanrou, you are different! Others avoided him like the plague, yet you cuddled close to him because of the benefits you could gain!”

The bare truth came tumbling out of her mouth and subsequently turned the others face as white as a blank sheet of paper.

She went on after a while.

“I accidentally caught you two in the act, so you wanted to take revenge on me.

You were afraid of me telling the others about that, which would destroy your impeccable image and status to them, werent you Thus, you instigated that nights incident to sic the others on me! I told them that you had taken my thing, yet no one believed me because you were perfect in their eyes.

No one believed that you would steal my jade; they thought that I was trying to frame you!”

With her shoulders trembling, Mu Wanrou glared hatefully at the woman before her.

“Yun Shishi, you shut up!”

The latter snorted and, with a tone filled with mockery, said, “You didnt expect to be adopted by the Mu family because of that jade, but unfortunately for you, they happened to choose me for surrogacy.

The one whom you stole that jade from a decade and a half ago ended up being their hired-for surrogate.

Thats something outside of your expectation, right You tried all means and ways to cover all that up, but, Mu Wanrou, have you forgotten Everything you have now doesnt belong to you in the first place.

You have it easy for the past decade or so; isnt that enough!”


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