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He conferred with the musicians for a while before he sat in a chair at the forefront and lifted the mike near his mouth.

There was a stir below the stage once his handsome face was exposed on the stage.

“Gu Xingze!”

“Oh, god! What is Superstar Gu doing here!”

“Im so excited! This is my first time seeing him in person! Hes so good-looking!”

On the stage, the superstar looked up suddenly.

His eyes shot through the crowd toward a certain person nestled at the VIP booth.

His lips revealed a little smile as tender affection enveloped his eyes.

“Oh, god! Look, everyone! Gu Xingze is looking at me!” Ye Minglan was electrified as she saw him gazing in their direction.

Her exclamation was full of pride and satisfaction.

Soon, a few of them started to echo.

“Thats right! Superstar Gu is looking at Sister Minglan!”

“Does Superstar Gu have a liking for Sister Minglan! Look at his eyes; oh, god.

They look so tender! Ill melt if he looks at me in that way!”

Amid the clamor, Yun Shishi looked at the superstar on the stage and seemed to sense his eyes on her as well.

His deep and loving eyes were staring into hers across the space!

Feeling disconcerted, she sipped her lips and looked down.

The man, still smiling, saw her reaction and snapped his fingers.

The drum instantly started, followed by the guitar at a light tempo.

“Youre wearing a smile despite your anger…”

The audience turned subdued the moment he started his first note.

His lazy and magnetic voice boomed crisp and clear through the microphone.

His beautiful and dreamy brassy voice was deeply touching and emotional!

He wrote the lyrics, composed the score, and even insisted on doing the music arrangement.

Now, this song was recorded in his EP album.

This EP had yet to be released.

Hence, the public had not heard this song before.

With his excellent stage presence that quickly captured peoples attention, the noise died down instantly as everyone craned their necks to listen to him attentively.

“In the busy crowd

As the sky turns dark

I dont mind

My hand holding yours

As the sky lights up, I look at the scene outside the window

Your smiles are written into my diary

Over and over again

I study with care

Because of you

The world is so beautiful…”

He closed his eyes and immersed himself in his singing as he held the mike firmly.

His vibrant and charming voice could make anyone go weak in their knees!

The crowd instantly burst into an uproar.

He was singing a love song with a light-hearted tempo that suited his crisp and magnetic voice.

The lyrics described a pair of lovers at the height of their relationship with their lovelorn feelings.

Every minute and second of separation was torture to the two.

Seeing each other again after being apart was akin to having the sun back in the sky after the gloomy weather.

Everyone quieted down to enjoy his melodious singing.

“Why do I like you

The youth is gone

Yet Im still here

Never apart.


He closed his eyes lightly as he hit the climax note.

His impeccable face enraptured the audiences attention under the bright stage lights.

Those who were close to the stage could even see his luscious eyelashes quivering with emotion as he knitted his brows.

The women, with their girly desires, were swooned!

His stage presence was equally powerful and brought the audience into the song.

Indubitably, Gu Xingze was a superb singer.

Based on this flawless impromptu performance of his, he truly deserved his platinum record.


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