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Yun Shishi could feel the womans intense gaze on her, so she instinctively hid behind Gu Xingze as she surveyed her surroundings with trepidation.

Her small hand clutched onto the sleeve of his shirt while her lips formed an unnaturally tense arc.

Ye Minglan flashed her a friendly smile.


Do you remember me We met at the restaurant earlier.”

Although she did not like this girl, she was still his partner, so naturally, she would not dare to pull a face on her.

Yun Shishi was somewhat at a loss with her friendly greeting and wiggled her head in puzzlement.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, the young mistress pulled out a grin right away.

“No worries.

Well become closer in no time! Xingze, come with me.

Everyone is already in there except for you!”

He inclined his head to indicate his understanding.

Looking down, he captured Yun Shishis hand in his again as he guided her to follow Ye Minglan toward a booth.

The young mistress rushed to the booth first and eagerly announced, “He he.

Ive invited someone special today! Wont you get off your seat quickly, Li Chengze Go over there; go sit over there! Make room for him!”

Li Chengze was a little displeased from this.

They had a particular sitting arrangement, but since today was Ye Minglans birthday, she naturally had the biggest say about it.

As for the other seats at the booth, they had to be seated according to their social standing.

The seat he was at was nicely positioned.

However, the birthday girl actually demanded for him to give up his seat; how could he not be a little shocked by this He was considered as a bigshot within the capital, so why should he give up his seat to another

He was rather dissatisfied with her decision.


Just who is this coming bigshot to make even the beautiful Miss Ye eagerly chase people away”

She beamed.

“Youll know when the person arrives!”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Gu Xingze made his entrance to the booth with Yun Shishis hand in his.

Everyone gasped as he unveiled himself to them under the dim lights.

Meanwhile, Li Chengze suddenly had a lump in his throat, which caused him to have a coughing fit!

A handsome man in a white blouse appeared before his eyes.

Each movement he made exuded gentility and notability.

His refined features, which seemed to have been intricately carved, were exceedingly beautiful.

He had sword-like brows which were handsome, deep-set yet charming phoenix eyes which slanted upward at the ends, and thick curly lashes which perfectly framed his expressive eyes.

If one said that the him in front of the camera was elegant and gentlemanly, then the him stripped of all his pretense was wild and intractable.

All could not directly cast their sights on to the superstar who gave off this reserved yet haughty aura.

In contrast, when everyone shifted their gazes on to the girl shyly standing beside him, all the men present could hardly repress their excitement.

How beautiful was this girl exactly

They could not express her beauty with mere words.

With hair as soft as the clouds above and brows shaped in the form of a warbler, her beautiful brows came to a slight crease on her fair and oval-shaped face.

Her eyes, curved like a pair of almonds, were moist and charming.

She simply mirrored an immortal of the ancient times capable of capturing the hearts of many.

However, as of now, her rosy lips were firmly pressed together, so she appeared to be a little reserved.

She dressed differently than those women who frequented bars in skimpy outfits and seductive clothes.

This girl just had to wear an attire akin to a student, which was totally out of place in this bar.

She looked so delicate that, with one pinch, water could be squeezed out from her.

Ones heart would grieve even by taking a bite out of her.

Ironically, all men could least resist such a deadly temptation!

Li Chengze, conversely, was completely stunned.

He was also momentarily astonished.

Was she not that rumored pet of Master Mu


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