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How does one consume this stuff!

It was too late now for regrets as everything was already served on the table.

Rejecting the order would turn her into a joke, right

Thus, with a determined look on her face, she clenched her teeth, picked up the utensils, and proceeded to slice the steak.

The steak was half-raw, and with the heavy stainless-steel utensils, as well as her awkward table etiquette, she was totally unable to make a cut at it.

She grimaced in deep vexation and embarrassment.

She glanced up at Gu Xingze who had neatly and effortlessly sliced his share into bite sizes.

Seemingly sensing the pair of desperate eyes trained on him, he looked up and saw her silently cry for help at him by pouting her lips.

He chuckled to himself, thinking that the little fool should not have ordered the same menu as his.

How would she be able to accustom her palate to his acquired taste

Quietly, he pushed his plate to her in exchange for hers.

She was momentarily stunned by his thoughtful action.

Eyeing the bite-size chunks of meat on the plate, she, albeit with some difficulty, put a piece into her mouth using a fork and swallowed it with her eyes closed!

Oh! The half-cooked steak was so raw she was unable to swallow it.

She looked suffocated as her mouth was stuffed with the meat slice she could neither spit out nor swallow.

She really regretted ordering this dish.

If she had known earlier, she would have ordered something different!

Ye Minglans order was served soon after, and hers consisted of tasty tapas that looked so tantalizing to Yun Shishis eyes.

The former was unaware of what she was thinking, though, and just happily ate while she chatted with Gu Xingze.

Yun Shishi wanted very much to order something else, but it would be rude to interrupt.

Hence, she could only bow her head and continue swallowing her food without chewing it.

The man was not keen to chit-chat in the first place, and when he turned to regard her, he saw that her face was looking miserable and forlorn.

He could not help laughing at that.

Casually putting down his utensils, he asked, “Do you want to order something else”

Her eyes brightened at his suggestion, and she nodded vigorously, as if she had just received a pardon.

She could not bear eating this kind of food any longer.

He subsequently ordered a plate of pasta and some desserts for her.

Having a small appetite to begin with, her little tummy quickly bloated from the food she swallowed.

Halfway through their meal, Ye Minglan suddenly thought of something.

Turning to face the man, she requested, “Xingze, today is my birthday.

I wonder… if I can have the honor of having you at my birthday party”

Before he could reply, she quickly added something else.

“I am going to hold my birthday celebration in a bar; many friends are attending as well! Xingze, surely you wont reject me, right”

True to her status as a frequent socialite, worried that he might reject her request, so she skillfully put it across in a way that he would be unable to refuse.

He thought for a while before nodding in acquiescence.

The woman was naturally elated with his response.

He turned to Yun Shishi and said, “Lets go.”


He stood up elegantly and left together with her.

Ye Minglan and Huang Na were ready to go as well and asked for the bill, only to be told that the man had placed all their meals on his tab.

Huang Na, who was very besotted with the man, expressed her curiosity over the woman who was with him.

Her friends face sank with her question and curtly retorted, “Who else can she be Shes just a mere friend of the superstar! Do you really expect that woman to be his girlfriend”


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