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The word 'Youyou' popped up on the screen once more.

He did not hang up but chose to answer the call this time.

Once the phone connected, a soft and tender voice came through it.

"Mom… Mommy, where are you Youyou can't find you, mommy…"

The person on the other end seemed to have just woken up, as the voice sounded dopey and childlike.

Mommy Mu Yazhe was shocked.

This woman actually has a child

Was she already married with kids

It was unlikely, though.

If she were married, she would not visit sleazy places like this at night, would she She would also not let herself be booked for a night of fun by a mobster for 200,000 yuan.


"Mommy Mommy, are you there" The silence made the kid scared, and his voice hinted to it.

"Mommy, are you there Please answer Youyou."

He grimaced.

Glancing at the woman soundly asleep in the bed, he replied coolly, "Your mommy is with me."

His deep and frigid voice sounded mature and regal, yet it still terrified Youyou.

The little fellow questioned in a guarded voice, "Who are you! Are you a bad guy!"

An alert mind was the child's special trait.

Mu Yazhe prodded his chin and pondered on.

"I am…"

He did not know how to answer the child's question.

He could not explain his relation to her.

Was he her employer He was that six years ago, but he was no longer that in the present.

He wondered, half in jest, if he was her master now.

"Why is mommy at your place" the little fellow asked anxiously.

"Your mommy is busy with something." He gave a cursory excuse as he did not want to waste his time with the child.

"Really Did I disturb mommy at work" the child asked tentatively.

Amazingly, the little fellow actually believed this crappy lie.

He subconsciously associated 'something' with 'work'.

What a guileless child.

"No!" He softened his tone.

When talking with this child, he was somehow not his usual chilly self.

"Mommy works so hard! Uncle, please don't let her take the night shift, yes Youyou feels worried when I can't find mommy at night…" The child's budding and pure voice faintly reminded him of his son, Mu Yichen.

He sounded just like him when he was teased.

It sounded like heaven.

Did the child inherit her beautiful voice She hummed like a little kitten when peevish.

Night shift Youyou uttering the words 'night shift' somehow irked him.

Last night was no coincidence, then.

She really frequented this sort of sleazy places like a busy butterfly.

She was just like one of those distasteful women who surrounded themselves with rich men.

What a prodigal woman, indeed.

She looked pure and innocent on the outside, yet she was vulgar on the inside.

He did not have the heart to dismiss the boy's call, however, so he merely told him, "Alright, I understand.

I won't let your mommy work at night."

"Really Do you call the shots in the company, uncle"


Youyou suddenly let out a giggle.

"Oh, that must mean that uncle is the boss! My mommy has always been diligent, so can you give her a pay raise and a bonus at the end of the year How about an encouragement prize on International Women's Day for Mother's Day Can you also give her some rewards… You need to be generous as the boss.

That way, your employees will work harder for you, okay!"

What an impish little fellow!


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