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Yun Shishi, who was sound asleep, did not know that she was in the arms of a god-like man.

He was staring at her restful countenance with a heart tightened in knots….

He helplessly sighed.

Looking at the traces of bruising on her body, he decided to wash up with her.

He stood up, carried her into the bathroom, and then prepared to give her a good shower.

For over twenty years, he was the king in the eyes of many.

As someone born with a silver spoon, he was well-fed and fastidiously cared for.

He did not need to serve anyone.

He even left his beloved son's personal care to the nanny and only provided his son with his material needs.

Hence, his current actions were very clumsy.

He even accidentally scratched her a few times.

Despite being deep in her sleep, she let out a disgruntled moan like a helpless little kitten.

She might even be coquettishly making a silent protest.

Women were delicate creatures, and she was no exception.

No woman out there disliked being cared for and pampered, but her life was unfortunately full of ups and downs, so nobody had truly cared for her.

His heart softened when he saw her slight frowns and his actions subsequently became gentler.

At the same time, he called for room service and ordered the grubby bed sheets to be changed.

If she were sober and awake right now, she would hang her head in shame at the sight of the bed sheets that seemed to have borne the brunt of a war.

When he carried her out of the bathroom, the bed was already neatly made.

She remained asleep as he laid her on the bed.

In the early morning, his assistant delivered his attire.

A dress, an expensive one at that, was sent along as well.

He had a board meeting to attend this morning, so he did not intend to extend his stay.

He changed into his expensive and stylish suit, and, once again, he was the elite leader of Disheng Financial Group.

Despite the night of wild copulation, there was not the slightest trace of exhaustion in him.

He turned to leave and heard a loud ringing sound.

He moved to ignore the ringing sound but noticed that it was from the phone in her dress pocket, which was lying on the sofa.

The ringing of the phone echoed continuously.

The person in the bed seemed to be getting disturbed by the noise as she turned in her sleep with a frown.

Obviously, the racket was waking her up.

He frowned frigidly and strode over.

Taking out the phone from the pocket, he unhesitatingly hung up the call.

The screen flashed to display the ID of the caller.

The man looked down and saw that it was a missed call from 'Youyou'.

An eyebrow of his slightly lifted.

This was clearly a nickname of a child.

A thought came into his mind.

Don't tell me she already has a child

When Youyou was five, Yun Shishi got him a kiddy phone.

It was light and came with simple functions.

It was for daily messaging and came with an alert function.

She got this for Youyou to contact her in case of an emergency.

Such a phone was not cheap, but she bought it despite that.

This phone could come in handy at critical moments for her child.

She was ever willing to splurge on her child's care.

He was still in shock when the phone rang again.

The word 'Youyou' popped up on the screen once more.

He did not hang up but chose to answer the call this time.


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