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The car sped all the way to the airport with the man in it.

He almost missed his flight.

Just before he entered the flight cabin, his handphone rang and he answered it.

The little lads evil, tender voice came through.

“Mu Yazhe, that is what you get when you provoke me!”

The man was badly stunned.

“You did all that”

He cocked his brow in question.

It was too bewildering for him to accept.

How could a mere seven-year-old easily hack into a massive traffic navigational system

What would the citys traffic department think if they learned that the cause of this freakish incident was a mere boy who just had his seventh birthday

“Who else can pull that off”

Inside the study room, Yun Tianyou had a headset on as his hands fiddled with the 17-level Rubiks Cube.

With his lips arching playfully, he said, “I am really sorry that you almost missed your flight.

I just want to see if you have the ability to catch the last flight.”

This was pure evil.

He actually mocked his father this way.

The man was not the least bit upset, though.

In fact, he only felt flabbergasted with his sons capability.

This was a boy who had paralyzed the citys traffic system in a short time, which later required an hour to return things to normal.

It was hardly believable that a six-year-old could do that.

“This mustve been a shock to you.”

The boy put the solved puzzle cube on the table.

Propping his chin on his interlocked hands, he enunciated, “I heard youre checking on me.”


“Arent you investigating the president of Lezhi Holdings”

His fathers face stiffened, a premonition rising within him.

“Mu Yazhe, since you are my father, Ill let you in on a secret,” the little boy casually spouted into the mouthpiece.

“Im the president of Lezhi.”


He was rooted to the spot.

He… is the president of the biggest toy manufacturing company in the world!

The boy did not mind divulging his identity to his father, especially when he imagined the look of shock that was probably on the latters face.

This was enough to make him smile in satisfaction.

This identity was already enough to make his father shock, but that was not all he was.

His status did not end there.

If he were to tell him that he was not just Lezhi Holdings president but also Hurricane Groups senior management member, would this make his hapless father be immensely shocked

How would his father react if he learned that he controlled the entire market for firearms in East Asia What kind of astonishment would he express

How would his father react if he discovered thatDeva Eye system, which was currently being developed by Hurricane Group, was his creation and found out that his toy models were being used by the group for military armament

Of course, he would not tell his father this, nor would he let the latter find out.

It would tarnish his reputation if these secrets came to light, would it not

These secrets belonged to him alone.

Pouting slightly, he casually added, “Mu Yazhe, your son isnt as simple as you may think.”

The man raised his brow; the little fellow had far exceeded his expectation!

“Does your mommy know of this”

“She doesnt, and I wont tell her!” The child continued to speak.

“Mu Yazhe, there is something you need to get right!”


“Before you start pursuing my mother, can you settle your fiancée first” the boy asked coldly.



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