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He swept his gaze over in surprise, only to spot his mother standing by the bed with an unnatural expression.

With her hands clasped behind her back, she glanced at him smilingly.

“Darling, youre back!”

Left in a stupor, Yun Tianyou stared straight at her face in response.

He then scanned her from head to toe and eventually landed an intense gaze on her neck.

Out of the blue, a faint mark of intimacy was present there.

Although it was not too obvious, in contrast to his mommys snowy white, ceramic skin, its redness was particularly vivid.

Seeing the mark, the tip of his brows twitched in a shocking suspicion.

She stood beside the bed looking quite embarrassed.

Her clothes were rather ruffled; in particular, noticeable creases could be spotted on the collar.

She forced herself to smile, yet it could hardly conceal her anxiety and embarrassment.

A queer smile was visible in her orbs.

When Youyou scrutinized her with doubt, her smile became even more unnatural.

“Youyou” she called awkwardly.

Following his line of sight, she looked back at herself, only to realize that her clothes were quite rumpled.

A strange smile surfaced on her face as he continued to survey her up and down.

Thereafter, seemingly having caught on to some clues, his small and youthful face darkened!

His gaze made her feel extremely uneasy.

A strained silence ensued in the entire room right that instant.

She tried to break this awkward tension.

“Youyou, whats the matter”

He kept mum for a while before suddenly sending her a sidelong glance.

He questioned her with a strange expression on his face.

“Mommy, I called you so many times; why didnt you answer me”


“Mommy, are you secretly up to something”

She blushed.

There were suddenly butterflies in her stomach.

She could not provide an explanation to that.

She sat at the edge of the bed and tapped it to beckon him over.

“Come, Youyou, sit down!”

She tried to shy away from that awkward conversation.

The little boy scanned his surroundings and remained suspicious, but the room looked neat and tidy without any other anomalies.

He then cast away some of his doubts and walked over to her to throw himself into his mommys arms.


However, the moment he threw himself into her hold, his brows wrinkled.

His sense of smell was especially sharp; he easily picked up a refreshing yet exquisite scent on her.

His sensitive nose could tell that it was a mens perfume – a scent similar to Eau de Colognes fragrance.

In the past, he used to shop with his mommy, and when they passed the perfume stands, he remembered sniffing a scent just like this.

Youyou was stunned, thinking that it was an unusually familiar smell.

… Mu Yazhe

He has dropped by!

Yun Shishi dipped her head and cupped his smiling face.

She then proceeded to paste a smooch on each side of his cheek and to rub the tip of his nose affectionately.

Her actions were, however, met by his odd look.

“Youyou… whats the matter”

“Youyou can smell someones perfume on mommy!” The little boy pouted his lips as he directed his doubts straight at her.

She faltered uncomfortably.

“Thats mommys perfume.”


Mommy has a natural fragrance and never puts on perfume.” He exposed her lie mercilessly.

Her expression stiffened.

Was this child usually this observant and effortlessly knew whether she had sprinkled perfume on herself or not

Youyou decided to clear things out, so he pointed to the red mark on her neck.

“What is that”

“… Where”


Its red.” He narrowed his eyes at her.

She put him down in a hurry and rushed toward the mirror.

Spying the hickey on her neck as she looked at her reflection, she was stupefied.


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