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The two bodies intertwined with each other and they soon covered themselves in sweat.

Their bodies were completely drenched in sweat.

This stifling feeling was akin to them intensely melting into each other, as if they were imprinting one's body to the other.

It was extremely splendid and absolutely pleasant.

Almost immediately after, an indescribable joy crashed in like waves.

Yun Shishi, who was drowning in pleasure, climbed over his shoulders and clutched at his broad palms.

She interlaced her fingers with his and led his hands to cradle her scalding cheeks.

His palms were somewhat rough and clammy, yet they gave a colossal feeling of security!

Almost tremblingly, she stuck her lips on his thin, chilly ones.

The contact was gentle and warm, and it made his heart race.

Mu Yazhe's breathing hitched.

He was actually mesmerized by this intimate and gentle kiss, which was similar to the one shared by couples.

He did not shun away this time and, instead, firmly planted his lips onto hers; it was a kiss right down the throat.

He closed his eyes and then opened them.

His black orbs scrutinized the alluring woman that was like a flower blooming beneath him.

He dominated her and made her his slave in bed, taking her as his own to the best of his abilities.

She let out a breath as her lips cracked open – it was rushed.

He plunged his face into her neck, sniffing the fragrance in her hair.

As if white light flashed across their minds, the two were eventually pushed toward the gorgeous skies by these extreme tides.

One had to admit that the Love Hunting Powder's effects were pretty strong.

He held her down and willfully went into her thrice before the effects of the drug wore off.

When he returned to his senses after the lingering pleasure, the sky was already bright.

The person in his embrace had the powder's effects worn off.

She was so fatigued that she slept.

Her pair of delicate and slender arms was tightly wrapped around his hips.

Both of them were wet and sticky from head to toe.

Her long and half-moist hair stuck to his chest, making him a little ticklish.

Looking at her, she had a body full of hickeys and purple marks from him.

Every mark was proof of his aggressive attacks to her the entire night.

He must be crazy; he must be crazy to do this…

Having been engaged for three years, he was always better than others at self-control and had not once touched women before, yet he lost himself on this woman repeatedly.

His heart was clearly against intimacy, but, even before, he never had that so-called 'self-control' when it came to this woman, who was the biological mother of Little Yichen.

Mu Yazhe cast his eyes on her delicate body.

She was really skinny – so skinny that when his large palms gently covered her cheeks, her face was easily obscured and engulfed.

He wondered how she had lived these past six years and how her life went by.

That astronomical sum he had given her was almost equivalent to a lifetime's paycheck for a normal person.

It should be enough to let her get by her entire life.

However, she looked frailer compared to six years ago.

Her facial color was also somewhat ashen and her hips could be held with his one hand – she was very fragile.

In these past six years, had she completed her education, found a decent job, had a proper family, or perhaps… gotten married

His heart suddenly thumped erratically at the thought of this… Some unfamiliar feelings surged within him.

Was she married

Damn it.

He was actually very concerned about this question!


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