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“Jade” Yun Tianyous pupils contracted.

“Eh! Piecing the two together will form a piece of complete memorabilia.

Apparently, thats a keepsake handed down in the Mu family for generations.” Luo Hanjin revealed everything he knew.

The little boy fell into a deep thought upon hearing this, his fingertip lightly tapping the tabletop.

“Speaking of the jade, I remember something else.”

“Go on.”

“At that time, the teachers in the welfare center confided to me that Rouers jade was taken from another child.”

“It isnt hers” Li Hanlin looked surprise.

“Eh! Every child entering the orphanage would have a case file which recorded their personal belongings.

Rouer did not originally have that piece of jade on her when she was brought to the welfare center.

This was common knowledge to every assistant and teacher in that orphanage at that time… I only learned about it subsequently…”

“Does this mean that the Mu family adopted the wrong child”

Luo Hanjin nodded moodily.

“You can say so!”

The boy lifted his head and quietly added, “To sum it up, this girl snatched someone elses jade and was adopted by the Mu family in place of the original owner”

“Eh… I only know this much of the matter.” The mans heart would inadvertently skip a beat each time the boy opened his mouth.

He was truly just a young boy, but his presence was domineering and fearsome.

Every word he spouted, be it an innocuous comment or an unimpressive statement, would send shivers down his spine.

“Since you became privy to this fact, why didnt you speak up at that time”

“I only learned the truth afterward,” the man hurriedly explained.

“Rouer… was popular and well-loved by every teacher and child in the welfare center! I guess no one really thought that shes capable of stealing other peoples belongings.

Besides, the teachers were protective of her and wouldnt expose her lie.”

“Was she one of your pets then” The agent was curious suddenly.

“I heard you have some special tastes for your pastime.”

“This…” The man gave a wry smile and avoided the question.

His silence was as good as an admission.

He did toy with Rouer.

She was different from the other kids in that, although overtly repulsed at first, she easily succumbed to it after he had showered her with special care and attention.

In exchange for the privileges, she let him do whatever he wanted with her.

“Have you played with her before” Li Hanlin asked this in an adult lingo.

Luo Hanjin thought for a moment before he awkwardly nodded.


“Tsk, tsk.” The agent was truly disgusted by now.

“You dont even let a young girl off”

The mans face was further scorched by his words.

“What are you two talking about” the little boy asked with a frown.


The agent broke out in a cold sweat.

Youyou mustnt know of this matter.

Such obscenity would be too much for a young kid like him to stomach!

“Theres another girl; do you recognize her”

The agent pointed to the other photo.

Luo Hanjin scrutinized the girl in the picture pensively before he nodded hesitantly.

“I think I know her.

There is an impression, but I cant recall well.”

“Cant recall well” The boy furrowed his brows unhappily, a little displeased with his ambiguity.

The agent yanked the prisoners head by his hair and pulled it closer to the photo.

“Look carefully!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Let me think again!” Luo Hanjin gave a flattering smile and tried his best to recall the details.

A thought seemed to come to him as he said, “I remember now; her name is Xiaoshi.

Shes also in the welfare center at that time!”


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