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Yun Shishi followed her instincts, her hands firmly clinging on to his shoulders.

As if their blood and bones were merging, the pair intimately snuggled, leaving no gaps between them.

He slammed her against the cold wall, and Yun Shishi involuntarily squealed in pain.

Lowering his head, Mu Yazhe captured her lips and explored the insides of her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

In that moment, one could only exalt God's holiness and intelligence.

He crafted men to be strong and seductive and women to be gentle and beautiful.

The perfect harmony between man and woman emerged from here.

Mu Yazhe held her cheeks tightly, seemingly wanting her to know that he had purposely been rough with her.

Simply put, he was not gentle at all.

He wanted her to be more alert – it was best if she was completely sober – so she could take a good look at who he was and at how he would own her.

He hated this woman to the core.

He absolutely hated her casual and frivolous behavior.

If he had not appeared in the nick of time, what would have happened in this room tonight

If she were not with him at present, then how would she display her charms to another man

Just thinking about it made his blood boil uncontrollably.

He held her soft hips and bit her lips even more brutally.

She was no longer that young virgin, and, even more so, her body was no longer that underdeveloped like six years ago.

After going through breastfeeding, she had developed a beautiful figure.

His aggressiveness caused pain to Yun Shishi.

She was unable to control herself and let out a soft moan.

She almost lacked oxygen from his aggressive wave of attacks.

Her small hands clung tightly on to his neck.

As she drowned herself in pleasure, her lips caressed his earlobe, her tempting breaths drawing close to his ear.

He nearly lost control of himself!

Damn this woman!

She was absolutely a butterfly demon disguised as a human, just like those wicked concubines that led kingdoms to their downfall in ancient times.

His movements became more aggressive.

Yun Shishi was in so much pain that she kept panting.

She subconsciously tried to push his shoulders away and cautioned him with a soft voice, "Don't; you're hurting me."

"What Isn't this what you want"

Mu Yazhe smirked and became even more unrestrained.

His strength was not diminishing at all.

It was painful, yet the pain was eventually numbed by the burning fire in their bodies.

An unexpected restlessness provoked every part of their bodies in an uncontrollable manner.

Somewhat helpless, she clung on to him even tighter.

Tears flowed down and her clear eyes were now shrouded in mist.

They were a mess – an absolute mess!

They were in such a messy state that everything in her vision was blurry.

She could only follow her instincts and continuously seek for more.

She lost herself…

He held her sturdily, while he endured.

He patiently moved to the next step, as if he were teasing her intentionally.

His hand caught her jaw.

He furiously bit her lower lip and then he sneered.

"Want it Come up with an idea then, hmm"

The two faced each other in intimacy; it was a sensation beyond comparison.

She instantly lost everything, even her identity.

Her breathing gradually hastened as her mind was in complete delirium.

Following her instincts, she held his shoulders with all her strength… until, finally, she completely gave in.

It felt as though the void in her was filled at once.

A feeling of enchantment, like ocean waves, came crashing in abruptly.

She struggled to lift her head, her brows knitting a little.

There was a moment when she was conscious before she drowned herself in yet again.

Her body recovered well.

For the past six years, her body had not been touched even once by anyone else.

She was lovely beyond words.

Under the influence of drugs, everything was in chaos.

Mu Yazhe tightened his throat and gave her lips a smack.

The two looked like they were surrounded by intense flames.

The man's cold sweat constantly dripped, making her thick and black lashes moist.

They were perfectly melting into each other's embrace; both of them were extremely sensitive.

The entire room was filled with lust…


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