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“Youre truly dreaming!” Aaron snapped at her mercilessly.

“He only has Yun Shishi in his heart.

He doesnt touch you because he already has another – that is why he is not interested in you at all!”

“Shut up!” She cut him off furiously.

“He is only toying with her; do I not know men He is only temporarily interested in her.

After their honeymoon phase, when the novelty wears off, and his mistaken feelings for her fade away, he will certainly cast her aside! Do you think that a nobody like her can replace me”

He gave a disheartened laugh and warned, “Have you forgotten Need I remind you about who is the real Young Madam Mu What you have in your hands today was all taken away from Yun Shishi—”

“SHUT UP!” Her voice cracked at her screech.

She raised her hand and swung it at him.

A loud smack was heard as a vicious slap landed on his face.

Aaron did not stop there, however.

“If you didnt steal her jade back then, you wouldnt be brought into the Mu family by mistake, and the person beside Mu Yazhe now would be her instead, and not you! Mu Wanrou, why cant you accept the reality even now Hes never been yours from the start.

If he isnt meant for you, its no use for you to insist that he is!”

“Shut up! Shut UP! SHUT UP!”

She blocked off her ears hysterically.

Realizing that he had no intention of stopping his ridicule, her hand flew up to slap him anew, but he managed to stop her with a firm grip.

“Wanrou, lets say that you want to abort the child.

Tell me, how are you going to accomplish that How do you intend to cover up the secret abortion of the child”

He revealed his pearly white teeth through a humorless smile.

“Dont forget; as vast as the capital is, all the medical centers here have someone acting as an informer to the Mu family! Surely, you are clear on how influential the Mu family is, right Are you planning to have it secretly aborted at a small clinic, then”

She remained confounded for a while upon listening to his words.

How could she be unaware of the Mus influence

All medical centers within the capital had all sorts of connections with the Mu family.

However, it would be too risky for her to leave the capital.

Only a visit to a small clinic could cover up the tracks of her abortion now.

Thinking up to this, she uttered, “As long as I can abort the baby, will it matter if the clinic is small or big”

“Are you this willing to degrade yourself!” He had completely lost his temper.

“This is our child.

It has a life!”

“Fine! Ill keep it, then!” She paused, but before a relieved smile could fully form on his face, she continued emotionlessly, “Ill keep it as a child of the Mu family!”

“What did you say!” He hurled this question at her in shock and rage.

“If this child cant be aborted at all, then Ill stay to inform Mu Yazhe that it belongs to him!”

“Youre too naïve! Do you think that he is a fool Do you think that you can hide the childs identity from him forever!”

He could not help but mock her innocence and naivety.

“This has got nothing to do with you!” She responded to him indifferently.

“Anyway, its not possible for me to take off with you! Do you think Ill be entirely safe once I elope with you! Do you think that the Mu family will let us off Who exactly is the naïve one here!”

He was about to voice his opinion further, but she interrupted him solemnly.


I dont want to listen to your nonsense anymore! Youd better shut up about this before I make up my mind! I dont want anyone else to know of my pregnancy!”


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