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“What do you mean by an affair and by a b*stard That is your child! How are you so cruel as to label it as a b*stard!” He seized her shoulders firmly and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.

She stood rooted to the spot for a while, but all of a sudden, she countered with a smirk, “Aaron, dont tell me that you have really fallen for me”

He fell into a stupor and glanced at her with slight bewilderment.

Mu Wanrou continued, “Dont tell me that your feelings for me are for real Aaron, were just playing around.

Its better if you avoid being deeply invested into this! My relationship with you is purely for my physical needs…”

Even as a woman, she still had the occasional need for physical intimacy, and this was even more so in the absence of Mu Yazhes fulfilment of this.

She harbored no other intentions toward Aaron!

They were a pair of man and woman that was simply satisfying their needs through gratification.

Love Who was willing to be in love with him!

“ENOUGH!” Aaron cut her off.

He had lost his patience with her by now.

“Mu Wanrou, how can you be so cruel!”


“Yes, I have developed feelings for you! Mu Wanrou, Im in love with you!” He looked up and gazed at her with adoration before he confessed with conviction, “I cant get you out of my heart since our university days! I came to work at Disheng because of you! Are you truly unaware of my feelings for you! You should know that best! You have even taken advantage of my feelings for you, but what about it I love you, and Im willing and will not hesitate to lay my life down for you!”

Momentarily, she was startled hard.

He… had actually known that she was making use of him

Was he an idiot

“Now, you know of my heart.” Aaron displayed a rueful smile.

“Wanrou, I love you.

I was initially over the moon when I learned that you are possibly pregnant with our child — I was insanely overjoyed! If you are willing to, willing to keep our child, I can take you away! I will protect you regardless of where we are in this world.

I wont let you suffer for one bit and will try my best to provide you with a life of happiness.

Are you willing to take off with me”

Briefly astounded, she eventually shook her head in disapproval.

“Are you kidding me”

His expression instantly sank, as if he had fallen into an ice cellar.

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“How is it possible for me to keep this child Give up.

I wont leave with you!” She shoved him away and held her head aloft in arrogance.

Letting out a dry laugh, she said, “I want to abort this child! From today onward, lets break off our relationship cleanly! Lets cut off all our ties.

In the future, I will be the young madam of the Mu family and you will remain as my fiancés accompanying assistant.

Lets not interact with each other anymore!”

“What Youre casting me aside now that you are aware of your ability to conceive” He chuckled bitterly.

Finally seeing through her heartlessness, a bone-crushing chill welled up in his chest.

“What do you mean by that!” She sent him a piercing glare in her fury.

“Shouldnt I be the one asking you that” He was heartbroken and disappointed.

“What is so good about being the young mistress of the Mu family Can Mu Yazhe grant you happiness Can he guarantee loyalty to only you in this lifetime! Stop dreaming!”

“How do you know that he wont be able to give me happiness! He will surely be a good husband! He is different from you; he is a responsible man and the person that I, Mu Wanrou, have her eyes on!” She declared vehemently and added, “I just have to let him know of my fertility, of my ability to conceive a baby for him, and he wont be so distant to me then!”

“Youre truly dreaming!”


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