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He clutched her shoulders with a stern and earnest face and said, “Consider everything again.

Weve done it so many times, and Ive never once used protection.

Earlier, the doctor said that you are displaying signs of pregnancy.

Do you think that this is a mere coincidence Have you been suffering from morning sickness these past two days Previously, I noticed you gagging; is that a symptom of morning sickness”

Every word of his could be supported with definite evidence.

What he said did make some sense.

Mu Wanrou instantly fell silent!

She had certainly done it so many times with him.

Since she was aware of her congenital infertility, and the improbability of her conceiving a child, she never minded him not using protection and never required him to do so.

The same could be said for Aaron.

However, as she went over the details, she indeed detected something wrong with her body in these past few days.

Every morning before she had breakfast, she somehow felt the urge to puke.

This was not too severe at first, and she could just tolerate it until it passed.

She never thought of this seriously as well.

Her condition had recently worsened, however.

Not only did she experience fainting spells and fatigue beyond comprehension, she had no appetite as well.

Still, she simply chalked it up to her not having a good rest due to her recurring nightmares.

Because of that previous incident, she was feeling ill at ease lately and even overlooked something; her period was undeniably delayed.

It had not come after a long time.

Her physical condition was well, and her period often came on time, with only a difference of two or three days at maximum.

Currently, it was delayed by a week, and this was abnormal to her!

This did not cross her mind in the first place.

She thought that it was a result of her having insomnia.

Thinking carefully about it now, she was inadvertently shocked.

Her face instantly sank, and she lowered her head in disbelief.

She hovered her hands to where her lower abdomen was and lightly placed them over it.

Her eyes were filled with skepticism.

She was… pregnant

At the probability of this, mixed feelings crept into her heart.

She did not know whether she should be elated or depressed!

What was the meaning of this!

Was this a joke

Was she not naturally infertile Those experts attested that she was unable to become pregnant or give birth in this lifetime.

Why was her body showing symptoms of morning sickness now, then

Although she was inexperienced with pregnancy, at Aarons reminder, she indeed noted her body displaying a series of abnormalities, which were similar to signs of pregnancy!

Was she truly pregnant

Putting it another way, if she was not infertile, she had hopes of being pregnant and giving birth to a child for the Mu family!

At the thought of possibly conceiving a child with Mu Yazhe, a child belonging to them, their biological child, immeasurable joy sprang from her heart!

Her trembling hands covered her face.

She had a lump in her throat and tears of excitement in her eyes!

She opened her eyes wide in surprise.

She suddenly got to her feet, grabbed Aarons collar, and exclaimed enthusiastically, “You said that I may be pregnant So theres a chance for me to get pregnant, right!”

Aaron locked his eyes onto her face, which was unusually contorted with ecstasy, and instantly felt great dismay emerge from his heart.

He was delighted and saddened.

On one hand, he loved it; he loved that she could possibly realize her dream of becoming a mother.

Now, knowing that the baby in her tummy was his, he could seemingly feel the responsibility of becoming a father!

On the other hand, he grieved; he was saddened that her joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness – every emotion that this woman felt – ultimately had nothing to do with him.


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