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Her feet were momentarily glued to the ground.

As she watched, the woman smilingly walked to the man and stood before him.

The naïve smile on her face strongly reminded him of his mother in her younger days.

He was lost in the flashbacks and did not respond to her immediately.

Song Enya took out his mobile phone, but when he reached out for it, she playfully made a face and hid it behind her.

This was how she used to joke with him in their childhood.

Brother Mu, please don\'t be mad at me!

He looked stunned and then kept quiet.

The anger inside him subsided a little with her smiling face that reminded him so much of his mother!

She knew that his icy look marked his anger; hence, she reached out her hands to clung on to his shoulders in petulance.

Brother Mu, I\'m really sorry! I made those thoughtless remarks earlier.

There were indeed some misunderstandings at the theme park, so my previous comments were uncalled for.

I don\'t mean any harm.

Can you forgive me Please

She coyly purred to his face.

The man had indulged her since young.

Sometimes, when she went overboard and ended up upsetting him, she would coax him in a similar manner.

This tactic had yet to fail her.

Indeed, his expression softened much after her words.


Are you really not mad anymore She squealed in delight and raised her eyes to doublecheck his face.

She was in jubilation when she saw that his frosty look had softened somewhat; this meant that his anger had abated a little.

Thank you, Brother Mu! Please apologize for us to Little Yichen! Since I didn\'t do my job as his older sister, I owe him an apology.

Please tell him that I\'ll bring Enxi to apologize to him personally next time!

Go on. He did not express anything and just ruffled her hair with his hand, hinting for her to return to her sister\'s side.

She nodded, gave him back his mobile phone, and unwillingly parted with him.

With his mobile phone in hand, he was about to walk away when a familiar figure entered his line of sight.

Startled, he looked in a certain direction and saw Yun Shishi standing at the elevator with her piercing eyes on him.

Her face held a spine-chilling look.

She eyed him coldly in shock.

Her eyes were hollow and dead, as if her heart had passed out from distraught.

She did not know why it pained her so much to see his look of loving indulgence, which had flashed unknowingly across his face, when the woman hugged him.

If she did not witness this personally, she would never know that this man could have such a tender side to him!

Could he reveal such indulgence for a woman

When the woman flung herself at him, he did not reject her advances.

What was even worse was that he had actually displayed a look of tenderness on his face.

This hurt her undoubtedly!

She did not care who this woman was or what her status was!

She also did not care for the relationship between them and his appearance at this hospital\'s staircase with a stranger instead of at his son\'s bed.

She was only concerned about how much Little Yichen meant to him and what her status was in his heart!


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