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Prior to Mu Yazhe and Song Enya\'s entrance to the room, the Song family arrived in quick succession.

Song Enxi was the Songs\' most beloved treasure – a princess treated by them with utmost care.

When they heard that she got hurt, Song Yunxi and Jiang Qimeng came hurrying over.

Song Enxi continued to wail scandalously in her ward.

Noticing the arrival of her older brother and mother, her skill at acting coy became all the more apparent.

She repeatedly threw a tantrum while in the arms of Jiang Qimeng; her face was already tear-stained and her eyes were even puffy.

It pained her to see the back of her daughter\'s head shaved off.

Although her wounds were stitched up, they still appeared to be oozing with blood.

Stricken with grief, her eyes were moistened.

Song Yunxi continued to comfort his sister from the side.

He loved his youngest sibling from the bottom of his heart.

He had pampered and loved her to the best of his abilities from the moment she was born.

However, as he was usually busy with work, he could not pay attention to her all the time.

Thus, the lass did not appreciate his efforts to comfort her.

Jiang Qimeng crooned at her as well, but just like with her brother, Song Enxi was not buying it.

They were truly at their wits\' end.

Noticing Mu Yazhe\'s arrival, Song Enxi wanted to escape from Jiang Qimeng\'s clutches immediately.

She spread her arms at him and acted coy.

Uncle Mu, hugs.

Uncle Mu, hugs!

Jiang Qimeng obviously resented him somewhat, but the Mus and the Songs were rather chummy; the two families had good rapport which had spanned for over ten decades.

Thus, no matter how much she resented him inside, she still maintained a modest look on the outside.

She should not make the situation too intolerable; otherwise, both sides would be embarrassed.

They ought to leave each other some face, at least.

Hence, she spoke politely, Yazhe, you are here

Mm, sis! he greeted in return.

Song Yunxi greeted him a little unnaturally and hesitantly.

Uncle… Mu!

Mm. he replied, seemingly unaware of his nephew\'s discomfort.

The two men were only four years apart with Mu Yazhe having a higher seniority to Song Yunxi.

Calling the former \'Uncle Mu\' was truly a little awkward for the latter with his pride.

As soon as her mother\'s attention was off her, Song Enxi jumped off her arms at once and snuggled herself into her uncle\'s embrace.

Mu Yazhe was helpless at her actions and was forced to carry her up.

At present, he had conflicting feelings regarding her.

He was more concerned about Yichen.

He kept waiting for his son\'s call, yet after such a long time, he still received none from him.

Was the little boy still mad at him

While his thoughts were in a mess, the little girl, feeling a little disgruntled, grubbed deeper into his embrace.

Clearly, she felt indignant and wanted him to comfort her.

However, as of now, he was not in the mood to deal with this lass\'s petulance.

She stared at his side-profile decadently.

Indignation was written all over her face.

Jiang Qimeng appeared to be in somewhat of a discomfiture as she forced out a smile.

Just look at this girl! She\'s already hurt, yet she\'s still naughty.

However, for some reason, she seems to love clinging to you!

He stroked her head but said nothing in response.

Song Enya chimed in, Exactly.

Enxi loves Uncle Mu the most; am I right

The little girl immediately cheered.

Yup, yup! Enxi loves Uncle Mu the most! Enxi loves Uncle Mu the most!

She proceeded to lean her head lovingly on the man\'s chest.

The corner of his lips started to hang coldly.

As his mind was elsewhere from the start, it should be expected for the situation to turn a little awkward now!


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