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Unknown where she got the strength, she managed to push the man away.

The glass shattered into pieces on the floor.

She desperately held her throat with her hips bent over and had a violent coughing fit that caused her to vomit several times.

As if a fire was raging from within, she felt a strong burning sensation in her stomach.

Pure whiskey – it had an absolutely strong kick and a considerable delayed effect.

She only drank half a glass, yet her vision was already swimming.

Her head was spinning and her entire world was upside down.

Her head was spinning… so badly that she could barely get her bearings as her consciousness gradually slipped away!

She tried to stand, yet she swayed on her feet.

Her entire body turned jelly as her limbs went limp and horribly numb.

She got up but quickly fell on the sofa.

Right after, a boiling sensation surged from her tummy, as if the fire within her body was raging fiercer.

Drenched in feverish sweat, she desperately held the edge of the table.

It was no wonder that she got drunk so fast.

For the liquor's kick to be this strong, another substance was probably mixed into it.

Li Dongqiang lewdly grinned, revealing his yellowish teeth.

"This Love Hunting Powder is truly potent!"

"He he! It's a given! Since I'm the one who got it, why would it not be good"

The man smiled sinisterly.

He then looked over to Yun Shishi, whose face was contorted in pain, and his heart itched badly.

"Qiang, when you are done with this chick, can you let us play with her for a few days, too Tsk, tsk! This woman has a face that can cause a disaster! He he!"

"You're into her" A grin left Li Dongqiang's lips.

"Alright! When I'm done with her, she is all yours!"

The few of them nodded and bowed as they laughed politely.

"Thank you, Qiang!"

"Qiang, I've already booked a room for you! He he! Presidential suite!"

Lying on the sofa, Yun Na opened her eyes and sat up.

Where on her face were signs of intoxication Her vision was obviously crystal clear.

She took a glance at Yun Shishi, who had lost her consciousness, and her lips curved into a sneer.

"Qiang, are you satisfied with this How is she I didn't lie to you, did I! Look; she's worth what I owe you, right"

Yun Na went over to sit beside him and said coyly, "This sister of mine is downright innocent! Compared to those sly foxes at the counter, her body is totally pure as well! If you throw her into the black market, she can be sold for at least a few hundred thousand yuan per night! Qiang, you'll earn lots of money!"

"Indeed, she'll definitely price high.

Okay, we are even! You don't owe me anything now."

Let alone a few hundred thousand yuan, she is even worth a few million yuan! Li Dongqiang roared inside him as he hugged Yun Shishi.

He was clearly very satisfied with her.

"Alright! Pleasure to be doing business with you, Qiang!" Yun Na said.

Thinking of something, she lowered her voice.

"Qiang, don't tell anyone about me! Don't let her find out that I am the one behind this, or my dad will kill me!"

"I get it!" he answered impatiently.

She giggled.

"Take it slow! She's yours for the entire night, so take your time! You see; the audition for the female lead…."

"Don't worry; I'll keep my promise! Alright, get out! Don't disturb my good time!"

Li Dongqiang was fully focused on Yun Shishi's body now, so why would he bother to give Yun Na his attention He did not give it much thought and just nodded his head.

Some of his men already had the door open for him.

He embraced parts of Yun Shishi's body in his arms and left the room.

All of a sudden, the wind raged outside.

The windows and doors were clattering from the gale.

Youyou woke up from his nightmare.

He sat up in his bed at once and looked to his side.

His mommy was gone.


An ominous premonition rose from his chest.


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