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Inside the doctor\'s office at a hospital.

Song Enya sat in front of a doctor with worry on her face.

The doctor regarded her and the stern-looking man standing behind before he slowly informed, The child has a slight abrasion on her head with a mild brain concussion.

The wound has been cleaned and stitched with antiseptic.

Don\'t let water get into the wound for the next few days and avoid any spicy food—

Stitch Shocked, she could not help but interrupt the doctor mid-speech.


The cut required stitching as it was quite deep.

The child probably hit the corner of the stairs as she fell down the steps. Adjusting the spectacles on his face, he continued to speak in a respectful tone.

If it were another patient that had repeatedly interrupted him, he would have lost his patience by now.

Unfortunately, this woman was someone he knew.

She was not somebody he could afford to offend, so his attitude toward her was respectful and patient.

She was looking stunned and scared.

Is the injury that deep Brain concussion Is it that serious

The doctor patiently explained, It is a mild brain concussion and not a serious injury.

There\'s no treatment for that.

The girl will be able to slowly recover after some rest!

Will this affect the brain Like side effects…

No. The doctor snorted inwardly.

How can it be that serious This woman must be a medical idiot.

She asked a few more questions, mainly if the stitch would leave a scar on her head.

The answer she got was that there would definitely be a scar and that growing hair from the spot with the stitch would be difficult.

The good news was, as it was a small wound of the size of a thumb, only three stitches were required.

It would be easy for girls to conceal such a flaw as they tended to have more hair.

Mu Yazhe was not thinking of Song Enxi, though.

He was not present when the commotion happened, so he could only piece the events from the children\'s narration.

All this while, the girl had accused his son of pushing her down the steps and of being a malicious bully to her.

However, knowing his son\'s character well, one thing he was sure of was that Little Yichen would not resort to such crass behavior.

The boy was more mature compared to his peers; hence, he found them childish and hardly played with them.

It was unlike of him to provoke another child proactively, especially with such bad conduct.

The chaotic situation earlier just did not provide him the leeway to understand everything fully.

Just Song Enxi\'s bawling was giving him a headache!

Under such a dire circumstance, he could only think of sending the girl to the hospital fast.

After the whole matter had quieted down, he reanalyzed the matter and could roughly picture the sequence of events.

The two kids probably had a conflict, and regardless of who started it, the girl probably bit the boy first, which led into him pushing her away.

He had once warned his son never to use brute force on others; thus, Little Yichen was always disciplined and well-mannered.

The girl most likely hit her head hard when she tripped over the steps after being pushed.

He surmised that this was what had probably happened earlier.

As a father, his tendency was to believe his child.

Besides, his indulgence to Song Enxi was just skin-deep.

Little Yichen was his son, so first and foremost, his duty was to care and love him.

If not him, then who should he care about

He really wanted to give his boy a happy and memorable birthday.


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