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Hence, the first time he saw Yun Tianyou, he did not doubt the latter\'s role in his life.

He knew indubitably that he was his brother!

One reason was that the feeling the boy gave him was similar to that kid in his dream!

However, despite knowing this intuitively about his brother, he never had a clue that his biological mother was Yun Shishi.

He just assumed that she was his brother\'s adoptive mother!

He reckoned that his brother was kept in the dark about his identity.

Thus, he was really stunned to be hearing this from him.

I already have a mommy. He reminded Youyou of this.

Brother, my mommy is your mommy, too!

Mu Yichen, I only have one mommy. Youyou frowned, clearly upset with his presumptuous words.

While he figured that Mu Yazhe had most likely never told his son about his biological mother, he was still displeased that his twin had readily accepted Mu Wanrou as his mother.

Eh! I know.

She must be your adoptive mother.

I can see that she really treats you well… umm… There\'s a saying for that… Little Yichen searched for the words with great difficulty and then slapped his forehead eventually.

Oh, yes! I remember now! It\'s \'treat as one\'s own child\'!

The side of Youyou\'s eyes twitched sharply as he bawled, How blatantly stupid can you be! Shut up!

… You are so fierce. Yichen was upset by now.

Can you not be so fierce with me No matter what, I\'m still your brother.

Since you don\'t acknowledge your biological mother, how do you expect me to do so with you Youyou was really perturbed by his brother\'s lack of comprehension.

He decided to ignore this twin of his whom he could not reason with truth.

All right.

Don\'t be mad! The older twin sheepishly tried to coax him out of his bad mood.

Now isn\'t the time to argue; I\'ll look for your mommy with you later.

The younger twin frowned when he heard that but did not contradict him.

What\'s your name

Youyou lifted his head.

His eyes flashed with deliberation before he finally spouted, albeit reluctantly, Yun Tianyou.

\'Yun Tianyou\' How do you write that

Suddenly, the older twin reached out and pried open the younger twin\'s palm; this took Youyou by surprise, and he struggled to break free, but Yichen\'s grip on him was just too vise-like!

Very engrossed in learning how his brother\'s name was written, the older brother somehow failed to notice the resentment in Youyou\'s eyes.

With a few strokes on his siblings palm using his index finger, he asked with bright, clear eyes, Is this how you write the word \'Yun\'


How about the \'Tian\' The older twin continued to scribble away on his palm.

Is this how you write it

Eh. The younger twin was starting to lose his patience.

Why is this fella so stupid He does not recognize Chinese characters!


For the last word… The older twin wrote a \'you\' on his palm and asked with a frown, Is this the \'you\' in your name

Yun Tianyou furrowed his brows and replied unhappily, It\'s \'you\' in \'baoyou\'!

How do you write that

… Antagonized beyond words, the younger twin icily spat, Stupid! Don\'t talk to me anymore!

His IQ had been lowered in the company of his older brother!

In the end, Little Yichen took out his mobile phone to search for the word himself.

Youyou spotted the watch on his wrist.

Frowning, he grabbed his older brother\'s wrist and asked, Where did you get this watch from

It\'s a birthday gift from my daddy! the older twin replied.

Seeing a similar watch on his younger twin\'s wrist, he asked curiously, Who gave you your watch

It\'s from my mommy; it\'s also a birthday gift.The Chinese character here, which has a \'you\' pinyin, means \'another\'; it is not the \'you\' that appears in Yun Tianyou\'s name.\'Baoyou\' means \'blessing\' in Chinese.


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