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Chapter 4400 - 4400 The Other Side 369

4400 The Other Side 369

When the young man heard this, he laughed.

“I didnt expect you two to be on such close terms! Get lost!”

He kicked Gong Fan away and walked towards Youyou.

He was quite sure that the boy did not know how to load or use a gun.

Coupled with the speed at which he rushed over, the boy did not even have time to react before he subconsciously made a decision.

No matter what, the gun must not end up with him.

Therefore, he tossed the gun far away.

In the next second, the young man pounced on him like a wolf or a tiger.


Youyou was pinned to the ground and punched hard in the face.

“Ooooh…” The boy groaned in pain and stared at him in disbelief.


BAM! The young man delivered another punch, sparing no effort.

With this punch, the boy felt as though his brain had been knocked out of place.

It was so painful that his eyes exploded in agony!

“Why! Let me ask you, why!” The young man almost roared.

“Why can you guys be loved by everyone while I have to endure loneliness here! Why am I the one who is abandoned while you are cared for by so many people! I hate you!”

Gong Fan sat up and was about to get onto his feet when a sense of dizziness washed over him.

His head had been injured to begin with, and when he was thrown to the ground by the young man just now, his wound was hit again, causing him to almost lose his balance.

In a daze, he vaguely saw the unfamiliar girl quietly walk to the door to observe the chaotic scene in the room.

When she saw the gun from the corner of her eye, she was stunned for a second.

Then she started walking towards it.

No! Gong Fan immediately became vigilant.

He could not let such a dangerous weapon fall into her hands! He held his head and staggered towards the girl.

When the girl saw him walking towards her, she screamed and quickly picked up the gun from the ground.

However, the gun was not loaded at that point.

It seemed that she did not know anything about guns, so she fumbled around anxiously for a long time, not knowing how to load it.

The girl broke out in cold sweat.

Gong Fan stopped her.

“Calm down.

Were all the same.

Why should we kill each other!”

The girls scarred face was filled with anger.

“Were not the same at all! Were all orphans.

Only by killing you can we become the masters of this body! Otherwise, we can only be at the mercy of others!”

At this thought, the girl became determined.

The young man grabbed Youyous neck and barked at her, “Hold the handle of the gun and push forward with the handguard.

Its loaded! Dont you remember I taught you!”

Realization dawned on the girl.

She pulled the shotgun and loaded it successfully!

“Kill him!” The young mans voice rang out like a curse.

The girl pointed the gun at Gong Fan.

The black muzzle emitted an icy aura.

Her finger was on the trigger.

The slightest pressure on it and the bullet would shoot out of the muzzle and penetrate his body.

Gong Fan was some distance away from her.

Just as the gun was aimed at him, he suddenly retreated!



Gong Fan fell backward to the ground.

There was an electric spark as the bullet hit the leather sofa behind him, piercing right through it.

The girl pulled the gun and loaded it again.

At the same time, a mans intimidating voice came from outside the door.


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