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Chapter 4394 - 4394 The Other Side 363

4394 The Other Side 363

Gong Fan and Youyou looked up, and saw that the girl and the young man had already broken through the door and were leaning out of the window.

“Here, through here!” The two boys threw caution to the wind and slipped themselves through an open window.

Youyou took Gong Fans hand and ran for the door.

The moment he opened the door…

Gong Fan suddenly woke up from his dream.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the bed.

What greeted his eyes was Alices flustered expression.

“Youyou Or is it Gong Fan”


“Im awake!” Gong Fan sat up at once and realized that Alice, Hua Jin, Gong Jie, Romanka, and Little Yichen were not the only ones in the room.

Beside the bed, his mother was holding on tightly to Mu Yazhe as she studied the boy nervously.

“Im… Im Gong Fan.” Gong Fan was still feeling the lingering fear from the nightmare.

In the dream, the few of them were in the midst of a fight.

Why did he wake up at this critical moment Gong Fan was at a loss.

Yun Shishi opened her mouth, and wanted to lean forward to hug him, but because of Alices earlier warning, she held on tightly to Mu Yazhes hand and did not move.

After her wound healed, she had rushed over without taking time out to recuperate.

She was worried that any later, shed never see Gong Fan again.

Now, although seeing that Gong Fan was safe and sound, she did not dare to heave a sigh of relief, however.

She was worried that she would really lose the boy before long.

What complicated emotions!

Yun Shishi sat by the bed and asked, “Are you alright, Gong Fan!”

“Mommy…” Gong Fans eyes turned red when he saw his mother.

He did not expect to see his Yun Shishi and Mu Yazhe again and was greatly emotional.

He sniffed and said sadly, “That time, it really wasnt me… It wasnt me.

I didnt do anything to hurt you.

Even if others dont believe me, you cant not believe me…”

Hearing this was like having a knife pierce her heart.

Yun Shishi held the boys hand tightly and emphasized again, “If Mommy doesnt believe you, why would I still come to see you and accompany you How can Mommy believe that the Gong Fan I love the most can bear to do anything to hurt me”

Gong Fan was relieved to hear that.

With bloodshot eyes, he snuggled into her arms.

Even though her wound had not completely healed, she did not push Gong Fan away.

She hugged him tightly, not caring if it hurt her wound.

Alice watched from the side.

After hesitating for a while, she had no choice but to interrupt them.

“I really dont want to interrupt your warm moment, but I have to ask something.

Gong Fan, since youre awake, why dont you tell us what happened in the dream!”

Only then did Gong Fan react.

He immediately said nervously, “What should we do Youyou is in danger!”


“Do you remember that dangerous young man I told you about before!”

Alice and Romanka looked at each other and nodded.

“Hes not dead!”

“Not dead”

“Moreover, there was another girl who appeared with him.

They seemed to have a clear goal.

They wanted to kill me and Youyou so that they could take over the body.

Youyou and I suspect that he stabbed Mommy.”

Alice analyzed, “In other words, he appeared once, but only that time”

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