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Why was she prevented from auditioning just because she did not have an interview letter

The head of the crew told her that this was a last-minute decision made by the director upon seeing the many people who had come to the venue either to audition for the role or to show their support for the superstar Gu Xingze.

Thus, Yun Na, who was already blocked at the door, could only watch those with audition letters enter the site.

She was brimming with confidence when she came and would concede defeat if she were rejected during the audition.

However, failing without even being given a chance to prove herself, she refused to accept such an outcome!

She was expectedly vexed at this turn of events.

Baffled, Li Qin asked her daughter, "What is this audition letter Can we get our hands on it How do we acquire one"

Yun Na sighed.

"I've asked around.

We need to pull strings." She paused briefly before continuing, "Although this is an open audition, there are still some hurdles that need to be overcome.

The audition letters are invitations either distributed by the production crew or given by influential people in the show business."

Many entertainment companies had naturally heard of this rare opportunity and went all out to give their second-rated models a chance to audition for the role in hopes of one of them becoming the next successful Gu Jingyi.

The benchmarks were high this time.

"Is there really no chance for you to acquire this letter!"

This was too much of a shock for Li Qin.

She had put so much effort and placed a lot of expectation on her daughter, hoping for her to become famous one day.

Now, this dream was no more!

A thought suddenly struck Yun Na and her eyes brightened.

She thought of someone.

"Don't worry; I have an idea!"

Night fell.

Yun Shishi was helping Youyou with his school's contact book when her hand phone rang.

She picked up the call absentmindedly.

The background noises she heard from the other end seemed to suggest that the call was made from a nightclub or a pub.

"Hello Hello"

She raised an eyebrow in confusion.

There was no answer from the phone.

She was about to hang up when a coarse male voice asked, "Are you Yun Na's sister"

"Erm… yes."

The man said, "She is too drunk, and I can't wake her up! Can you come over and pick her up"

Yun Na again! Why is she always getting into trouble!

She really wanted to refuse as she had no desire to clean up her adoptive sister's mess anymore!

Her adoptive sister did what she liked to her and Youyou on other days, and then she indirectly caused her to lose her job.

What more did she want from her She was drunk, but what did it have to do with her!

This was when the weather-beaten face of her father flashed through her mind.

Yun Shishi could not help but clench her fists and stood motionless for quite some time.

The man on the phone did not hear a reply from her and repeated "Hello" a few times.

Yun Shishi gave a long-suffering sigh and asked, "Where"

"Jia Bai Li!"

Jia Bai Li was a well-known nightclub in the capital; it was famous for its extravagance and expensiveness.

Most of its patrons were expectedly rich and influential, but it also had no shortage of local ruffians who would come there to have fun.

Simply put, Jia Bai Li was notorious for being chaotic.

Drug abuse, gambling, and shady trading – once it was nighttime, it became a den for illegal businesses and deals.

There was always news of shootouts with heavy casualties involving that place, yet despite it being chaotic and having no social security, Jia Bai Li, unlike other similar nightclubs, still managed to remain in business due to it having a very strong and influential backer.

Even the police did not dare touch it arbitrarily.

As soon as Yun Shishi stepped into this foul place, she choked on the pungent smoke within.


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