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Chapter 4287: The Other Side 256Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Gong Jie didnt like dolls, so he swept it off the bed.

However, just as he was about to turn the lights out, a thought suddenly struck him.

He looked at the little pig on the floor and raised his eyebrows.

He actually found it a little pitiful, like an abandoned orphan, so he scooped up and put it back onto the bed.

There were four members in the Peppa Pig family, and this one on Hua Jins bed was George.

The iconic little dinosaur was highly recognizable.

The man picked up the toy and Studied it, turning it this way and that.

He sniffed it gently.

It smelled faintly of the actor.

Hua Jin was not in the habit of wearing perfume, but he liked to apply body lotion after a shower.

Gong Jie could smell the LOccitane body cream.

It was fragrant, not overpowering, but comforting.

In fact the entire quilt smelled of the actor.

This meant that he usually liked to hug the little pig to sleep.

Gong Jie was rather surprised.

He didnt think that the man would be so childish as to hug a stuffed toy to sleep.


After lunch, the three of them left the house.

Initially, the nanny had wanted to go along to take care of Natalia, but Gong Jie refused.

Instead, he took two bodyguards to accompany them and then set off.

In the morning, Hua Jin had asked the butler to go out to purchase some fabric for a picnic mat.

He had also bought some snacks.

Natalia had been looking forward to the day when it would be sunny enough to set up the barbecue pit in the park.

Gong Jie had agreed and promised to take her there when he had time.

On the way, a thought suddenly struck Hua JIn and he asked, “Since were going kite-flying, why dont we invite Youyou and Little Yichen”

Gong Jie looked awkward for a moment.

“No, its okay!”

“Huh Why”

Didnt he usually dote on his two nephews Wouldnt it be fun to take them along since they were going kite-flying!

But Gong Jie didnt think that way.

He could imagine the two little fellows looking at him and snickering, whispering to each other,

“I didnt expect Uncle to be doing such childish things at his age!”


Flying a kite.

How childish! As expected of the chief commander of the Hurricane Group!”

“The commander who commands a kite!”


Gong Jie could feel his anger rising at the mere thought of it, his anger rising as he imagined their annoying faces.

“Theres no need to invite those two little ones! Therell be another chance next time.”

He wasnt going to give the two brats a chance to mock him.

The actor saw Gong Jies uncomfortable expression and had an idea what he was worried about.

He probed half-jokingly, “Dont tell me youre so burdened by your idol image that you worry about the two little guys seeing you fly a kite I guess theyll laugh at you if you cant keep it up in the sky!”

It hit home.

Gong Jie shot him an icy look.

The temperature in the car dropped several degrees.

The actor immediately shut up, not daring to say another word.

He didnt wish to upset the Demon King, for fear that the situation would blow up.

After some thought, he felt that he had to explain.

“Actually, I dont think its a big deal to fly kites with the kids.

When you have your own kids in the future, you might even have to accompany them to do their homework or handicraft assignments! Wouldnt that be even more childish”

Natalia froze upon hearing this.

Somehow, the thought of Gong Jie having his own children made her feel lonely all of a sudden.

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