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Chapter 4266: The Other Side 235Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Well, let me ask you then…” Hua Jin asked solemnly, “Are we able to retain the two personalities of Youyou and Gong Fan”

Alice winced at the question.

“Why do you ask”

“You said previously, that having Youyou carry two personalities is a huge burden.

His mental strength cant support it at all.

However, whether its Shishi, Little Yichen, or even Yueyao, theyve all developed feelings for Gong Fan.

Under such circumstance, getting rid of Gong Fan wouldnt be a good ending for anyone!”

Alice frowned in exasperation.

“This matter is indeed troublesome.

However, Ive already contacted other experts in this field some time ago.

When the time comes, well discuss it together.

After all, Im working alone and there may be many limitations.

However, if everyone got together to come up with a solution, it may be possible to resolve the problem.”

“Okay.” The actor stood up and said to Alice, “Im going to see if Natalia is asleep.”



The actor made his way to Natalias room, where the wall lamp had not yet been switched off.

The girl was terrified of the dark.

Sometimes, when she couldnt sleep, she would switch on the lights to help her.

Usually, Hua Jin would stop by her room to check on her before he went to bed.

If the light had been left on, he would turn it off.

Gradually, he realized that she didnt like to turn out the lights.

Hence he would check on her every day before he went to bed.

This, too, had become his habit.

As he stepped into the room, he was shrouded by the warm air.

He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge for a moment.

For some reason, looking down at Natalias sleeping face, his mind gradually drifted.

Natalia slept quietly.

Her eyes were closed, her lashes long and thick and slightly curled.

Her pale skin was translucent, as if it were fragile.

Before this, he hadnt thought that hed grow fond of children.

He had even found it hard to imagine what it would be like to get married and have a family.

Before, he hadnt even liked children very much.

He had always felt that children were noisy.

If they turned out ill-bred and spoiled, it would be even more troublesome.

There were too many brats nowadays.

Some were the result of bad upbringing by their parents, while others were a result of parents not having the time to discipline them and they turned out untamed.

Hua Jin had always found this a headache.

This was because he had never had a good family environment to grow up in and stumbled along the way, ending up with lots of bumps and bruises in life.

He finally turned out to be a sensible person but he worried about not being able to give his own children a happy family in the future.

This was because he never had a happy childhood, so he did not know what a healthy and sound family was like.

After an unforeseen incident, hed now become an “acting father”.

Suddenly, he had a child.

At first, hed been caught off guard, but gradually hed gotten used to it, and then Natalia and he got used to each other.

He completely treated Natalia as his own child, as his own.

It was for this reason that he gradually began to understand how Yun Shishi felt.

Perhaps, we will only ever understand our parents good intentions when we grew up and became parents ourselves.

In that way, he hated his father and mother even more.

Except that all that is the grudges and misgiving brought us from the previous generations.

He had no time for it, and had no desire to understand or participate.

He wanted to give Natalia as warm a home as possible, that was all.

He also hoped that Natalia would grow up like any other kids.

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