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Chapter 4260: The Other Side 229Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“What makes you think I dont miss you”

“If you miss me, youll be eager to come back to visit.” Natalia pouted, looking aggrieved.

Gong Jie found that rather difficult to bear.

He ran his fingers lightly over the screen, as if he was touching her face.

“Daddy will come home and spend some time with you in a while, okay”

Natalia didnt seem satisfied with the answer.

“And when will you come home” she pressed on.


“Um, in a few days.”

“Well… how many days”

Gong Jie creased his brow slightly.

He didnt know what his schedule would be like in the coming days, so it was impossible to give her an immediate answer.

But if he tried to be perfunctory and made an appointment with the girl that he couldnt keep, she would end up disappointed in him and he would lose credibility with her.

So he had to answer that question with due consideration.

Thus, he replied, “Can Daddy call you back tomorrow Daddy will have to organize my work and take some time to go back to see you.”

“If Daddy is really busy, you dont have to come back to visit me.” Natalia felt a little embarrassed.

She could see that the man was busy.

She missed him, but she couldnt possibly insist.

Natalia was a sensible, well-behaved and thoughtful girl who didnt like to put others in a difficult position.

Gong Jies heart softened further at this.

“Good girl.

I promise, Ill make time to go back to see you, and Ill keep my word.

But Im not sure how my work is going to pan out in the next few days.

Why dont you pass the phone to Uncle and Ill explain things to him”

“Okay… alright.” Natalia reluctantly handed the phone to Hua Jin.

The actor stepped away, phone in hand.

Before Gong Jie could say anything, he lowered his voice and asked, “Has Alice told you”

“Tell me what”

“About Natalisa.”

Natalisa Alice had not contacted him during this time.

Who was Natalia

Sensing his confusion from his expression, Hua Jin realized that Gong probably didnt know about this.

“Alice suspects that Natalisas personality has shown up, but, according to Alice, Natalisa is a dangerous personality, even capable of hypnosis techniques, so Natalisa is not safe to be around.”


“It wont be wrong to say shes a danger to us.

Shes like a time bomb.

Its a matter of when, and not if, it goes off.”

Gong Jies brows drew together at that.

“Alice did not mention that to me,” he replied immediately.

“I think the girls too suspicious.” The actor paused, then said, “Ive been under some stress lately.

Not because Im afraid, but because Im afraid that if I dont take good enough care of Natalia, something might go wrong.

After all, I dont have the experience of taking care of patients, and my reflexes are always slow.”

“Dont worry.

Theres no need for all that stress.

Just pay more attention to how shes doing.

Im sure that with Alice around, the situation will be under control.

Ill get my work organized and try to get back home as soon as possible.”

Because Alice was with Natalia, Gong Jie had not been so worried.

But having heard what Hua Jin had said, he realized things may not be that simple.

Therefore, he decided to make time to return to the country as soon as possible and see how Natalia was doing.

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