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Chapter 4245: The Other Side 214Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The boy kept running towards the end of the road, his willpower falling apart in the terrible dream.

There seemed to be no way out.

Behind him, the footsteps became more intense.

The boy could even feel the rush of footsteps closing in right behind him!

How did this happen!

Was the dream beginning to crumble

Had it gone completely out of control


“Dont… dont come any nearer… dont…” The boy kept waving his hand, his face flushed with the effort of trying to catch his breath.

On the other side of the door, Yun Shishi could hear the boys uneasy ramblings.

Nervously, she pushed the door open a crack, only to see Alice frowning in alarm at the boys flailing hands.

She took a step into the doorway, and Alice looked up at her and shushed her.

“You can come in, but dont speak.”

“Uh huh…” The woman stepped in and saw that Youyou was lying on the lounge, his face flushed.

Her heart wrenched at the sight.

“Whats going on” she asked anxiously.

“The hypnosis got out of hand.”

Got out of hand!

Yun Shishi almost cried out in fright.

She didnt know exactly what it meant when a hypnosis got out of hand, but the boy looked to be in such pain that even Alice found it hard to imagine how he was going to break free from the nightmare.

“The dream went out of control.”

Alice said grimly, “Which means I can no longer manipulate his dream.”

“And what does that mean” Bewildered, Yun Shishi was stunned by how bad his condition seemed to be.

She was afraid that Youyou would become like Gong Fan.

She could not accept such a blow.

Alice took in a deep breath and said, “I suspect… he has met Gong Fan in his dream.”

Youyou felt himself being thrown to the ground by a powerful force.

He struggled with all his might to break free, but what he saw was a dead end.

The powerful force behind him grabbed him by the collar again.

He spun around, finally seeing the face in front of him.

Gong Fan stood in front of him expressionlessly, his hands grabbing Youyous collar tightly.

His expression was filled with hostility.

“Gong Fan!”

It was indeed him.

Youyou was in disbelief.

He had never thought that Gong Fan, who had always been friendly with him, would show such a terrifying side to him!

“What exactly do you want!”

Gong Fan stared at him coldly.

Suddenly, his lips curled into a disdainful smile.

“What do I want”

“You…” Youyou felt his blood run cold as he saw the murderous intent rising and filling his eyes.

He had never been a timid person, and he rarely really feared anyone or anything.

However, the youth standing before him with an icy gaze finally put fear in his heart for the first time!

“Youve taken control over reality with this body, whereas I control the dream world of this shell.

In reality, youre the king, but here, you will never defeat me!”

In the next second, Gong Fan suddenly raised his hand high, exposing the sharp dagger that was emitting a cruel luster!

“Dont…” Flustered, the boy shook his head.

“Dont be like this! You cant be like this…”

He did not understand how Gong Fan had become so violent and cruel.

This was not like him!


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