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Chapter 4242: The Other Side 211Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“May I put the boy under hypnosis tomorrow”

“Hypnosis” It was obvious that at the mention of the word “hypnosis,” Yun Shishi was suddenly nervous and edgy.

She eyed Alice warily.

Alice laughed at that.

“Youre not thinking that Im going to hypnotize the boy and make him lose his memory again, are you”

“No…” The woman was just being overly sensitive.

After all, she had no love for the word “hypnosis”.

“The first time I tried to hypnotize the boy it was without your consent or his.

But things are different now.

Now Im seeking both of your agreement.

If you agree, Ill do it.”


“And what would be the purpose of you performing the hypnosis” she asked with concern.

She had to be clear about the nature and purpose of the hypnosis before she could decide.

Alice explained, “I wish to locate Gong Fan.”

The hypnosis was scheduled for 1.30pm the next day.

Alice had chosen this timing because it was around mid-afternoon when people were most likely to get sleepy after a full meal.

At the same time, it was the most relaxing time, which would mean that there was a high chance that hypnosis would succeed.

Naturally, the boy agreed.

He was willing to be hypnotized.

He also wanted to find some answers as to where Gong Fan was hiding.

“The hypnosis process might produce some painful images.

Are you able to withstand going into the depths of the dreamscape”

It did not bother Youyou in the least.

“No matter how painful it is, how can it be worse than the dreams I had the first time I was hypnotized”

Alice couldnt help feeling guilty.

She cleared her throat awkwardly.

The boy turned to his mother and said, “Mommy, the hypnosis is starting.

Its best that you dont stay here.

Its better that you wait outside!”

“Dont you want me here”

Before the boy could answer, Alice explained, “Its best not to have a third party present when the hypnosis is being performed, or the subject may be easily disturbed.”

“Okay … I understand.” Yun Shishi stood up and silently backed out the door, respecting Alices opinion.

The boy lay down on the chaise longue.

Where he lay, the afternoon sun bathed him, especially his face.

It was warm and delicate and suddenly, he felt sleepy.

Alice casually placed a metronome beside herself.

She sat next to the boy and spoke softly to him.

Her voice grew softer, and gradually the boys eyelids grew heavy.


Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself lying in a meadow with the wind blowing gently in your face…” Alices voice seemed to guide his thoughts in the direction she wanted them to go.

Youyou finally closed his eyes and began to breathe more evenly.

He entered the dreamscape successfully.

When he opened his eyes again, he found himself lying on grassy ground.

Above him was the blue sky and white clouds, and a gentle breeze was blowing.

The sunlight poured over him, warm and comforting.

He just lay there, relaxed, for a moment he was reluctant to move.

“What do you see” Alices voice was still with him.

The boy opened his eyes and looked skyward.

He saw a kite floating in the sky, higher and higher.

“I see… a kite.”

“A kite” Alice frowned, then continued along.

“And do you see who is flying the kite”

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