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Chapter 4238: The Other Side 207Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Do your thoughts run rampant like this every night before you go to bed”

“Uh huh.”

“What do you think about”

The boy closed his eyes.

When Alice asked, he answered, without reservation.

“I think about Gong Fan and our future.”


Yun Shishi sat down beside him and listened quietly to the exchange of questions and answers.

It was in such a relaxed state that the boy was unguarded.

He could be honest about everything he was thinking.

“Do you like Gong Fan”


“Do you hate him”

“No I dont hate him.”

“Then what exactly are your feelings for him”

The boy was silent for a moment, then finally let out a long sigh.

“I owe him.



“Because… I forcefully created him.

Its just that, before, Id been trying to drive him out of me.” The boys eyelashes suddenly fluttered violently.

On the screen, the monitoring frequency increased.

“He suffered pain he shouldnt have, and I was cowardly enough to avoid it.

He endured so much pain on my behalf, but I saw him as evil.

Actually, he didnt have a bad nature.

It was just that he was always receiving negative repressed emotions, so he developed a dark personality.

But instead of being understanding, I…”

Yun Shishis heart ached at that.

She clamped her hand tightly over her mouth, overwhelmed by a sense of guilt.

She did not want the boy to hear her choking.

Her heartache.

Her powerlessness.

Her uneasiness.

She knew what kind of childhood the boy had had.

She had kept him with her out of selfishness, but she had not given him a peaceful childhood.

She should have understood.

She simply wasnt capable of giving him a good childhood.

And out of sheer selfishness, shed kept him by her side.

It was all her fault.

She felt forlorn.

Alice continued to ask, “Did you create him”



“Because…” The boys relaxed brow furrowed slightly, and a streak of tears ran down his face.

“I felt lonely.”


Yun Shishis eyes widened in dismay.


Why do you feel lonely”

“When I was young, everyone else had a daddy and a mommy, and brothers, and sisters.

And so many friends, but I felt that I couldnt get along with those children.”

“Why Why couldnt you get along”

“Because it always felt like their world was different from mine.

Theyd have their mommies and daddies to take them to school.

After school, someone would pick them up and take them home.

When they got home, theyd have a warm dinner, but I didnt.

I wanted a daddy too, and a brother.

I fantasized about having a family like that, but I knew Mommy was lonely too.

I shouldnt have expected so much.”

“Thats why…”

“So, I fantasized about having a brother until one day, I sensed, he appeared.”

‘Do you remember which day it was

“That day… that bad woman named Yun Na hit me.

She kicked me to the ground and kicked me hard.

At that moment, I suddenly lost consciousness.

When I woke up and saw Mommy sitting beside me, I realized that it had been two days.

Mommy saw the bruises on my body and asked me what had happened, but I really didnt know anything.

All I knew was that Yunna had hit me, but I didnt know what had happened after that.

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