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Chapter 4230: The Other Side 199Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Forget it!” Alice waved her hand.

“Youve already promised her.

If we were to back out now, shed be suspicious.

Oh well, Ill come with you and pay closer attention.

I might be able to observe something.”

The actor nodded in agreement.

However, when the three of them were about to set off and Natalia realized that Alice was joining them, she immediately pouted unhappily.

“Why is she coming with us” She muttered at Hua Jin, making it clear to him that Alices company made her uncomfortable.

Crouching down, he asked her curiously, “It seems that youre not too fond of Aunty Alice, huh”


Natalia glanced back at the woman and nodded miserably.

“I dont know why.

It feels like shes spying on me!”

Her answer proved her to be so sensitive that even Hua Jin was stunned for some time.

He looked up and glanced at Alice as Natalia continued stubbornly.

“Im not going if she is! Im not a prisoner.

What right does she have to spy on me”

Then she turned her head angrily to the side and said unhappily, “I know Im sick, very sick, but thats no reason for her to spy on me!”

At such a young age, her ability to reason was no less than that of an adult.

The actor pursed his lips and glanced helplessly at Alice.

Alice looked from the actor to Natalia and raised an eyebrow, probably aware that she had upset Natalia by joining them.

She also felt that it seemed inappropriate for her to go along.

If she caused Natalia to be wary, it would be bad for her research.

Hence Alice stepped back and said, “In this case, why dont the two of you go ahead I wont have much to do there anyway.”

“Okay… alright.”

Alice then turned and went back to the house.

However, she stood at the window until she saw Hua Jin get into the car with Natalia.

After they had left for about a quarter of an hour, she walked to the garage, got into a car, and took a shortcut towards Yun Shishis house.

Natalia was on guard.

Alices sixth sense told her that this child was not Natalia, but Natalisa.

Therefore, there was absolutely no way she could sit back and do nothing.

Because she had taken a shortcut, Alice arrived at Yun Shishis house before Hua Jin.

Knowing that the actor and Natalia were coming, Yun Shishi had started preparing a fine lunch.

She was surprised to see Alice at the door.

“Whats up” She looked at Alice, puzzled that she had come to meet her alone.

“Where are Hua Jin and Natalia”

“The girl is guarded against me and didnt want me to come along, so I came in secret.

She said she wanted to play with Youyou, and I didnt feel comfortable leaving her alone with him.

Id like to have a chat with him.”

Yun Shishi immediately nodded at that.

“Yes, sure.”

Alice went straight up to the study on the second floor, where she found the boy reading.

She knocked on the door and walked in.

The boy was surprised to see her.


“Shhhh.” Alice came up to him, looking rather serious.

The boy was startled.

“What is it You dont look too good.

Is something wrong with Natalia”

“I dont know when shell turn up.

But now, Ive got something to tell you, and well keep it short.”

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