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Chapter 4210: The Other Side 179Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Chu He interrupted her.

“But you did very well.”

Her eyes lit up.


“Uh huh.”

“Phew, thats good!” Yun Shishi patted her chest, still shaken.

“Actually, Im a little afraid of heights.”

“Fear of heights Er…” Chu He rubbed her head, struggling to understand what “fear of heights” meant.

This was because she had never been afraid of heights.

The first time she faced the heights, she was standing in a helicopter 2000 meters from the ground and had to jump.

No one knew if there would be an accident, or if youd get out alive.


Still, Yun Shishi was hungry for more, and wanted to do it all over again.

But at this point, Little Yichen suddenly rushed over, looking nervous.

“Mommy, bad news.”

Disturbed by his intense expression, the woman hurried over to him.

“What is it”

“Natalia has a fever.”

Yun Shishi stepped into Natalias room.

Natalia lay limply on her side in the huge room.

The air conditioner wasnt on despite the heat.

She was even wrapped in a thick blanket.

Youyou was sitting silently on the edge of the bed, and rose at the sound of footsteps.

He looked at her.


“What happened to her” She walked over to the bed and held out her hand, then spotted a glass of water and a couple of pills on the nightstand.

It seemed to be the fever medicine she had brought over.

“What happened”

The boy frowned.

“She seemed to be unwell this morning.

Shes been lying in bed since, unable to recover.

Uncle Hua Jin was a little worried and took her temperature.

He found out she had a high fever of 39.8 degrees.”


Such a high fever

That was quite a high temperature.

Children were not like adults.

At this temperature, her condition was very serious.

The boy continued, “Uncle Hua Jin said it might have been a fever brought on by too much sea breeze last night.

Natalia seems to be in poor health and prone to illness, so I assume shes caught a cold.”

“How did that happen” Yun Shishi frowned.

Yueyao was even younger than Natalia but the girl was fine.

Why was Natalia running a fever

The sea breeze on the beach last night wasnt that strong.

Besides, the weather was so hot here.

How could she be running a fever for no reason

“I wanted to give her some fever medicine, but I dont know what caused the fever, and I cant just medicate her without knowing.

So, I went to town and bought some fever patches.

If they dont work, well have to take her to the hospital.”

There were only simple medical facilities in the small town of Saipan.

To get to a proper hospital they would have to drive a long way to the center.

Given this, Hua Jin thought hed use a fever patch and a little medicine and then observe the situation.

If she got better, they wouldnt have to go to the hospital.

The hospital was not a pleasant place.

Natalia didnt like it.

In fact, she resented it.

The actor had offered to take Natalia to the hospital, but when the girl heard this, she kicked at the blanket and protested to make a point of her reluctance.

Shed refused to get up and go to the hospital with him, so hed coaxed her into taking her medicine and putting on a fever patch instead.

Following that, the girl settled down.

It didnt take long for the actor to buy some childrens fever patches and medicine from the clinic and hurry back.

He didnt have experience taking care of a sick child and stood by the bed feeling at a loss.

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