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Chapter 4186: The Other Side 155Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

This guy was really extraordinarily awkward.

Having just got off the flight, everyone was tired.

Coupled with the fact that they were still jet-lagged, the four brats were exhausted as soon as they checked into the hotel.

After putting them all to bed, Yun Shishi finally had some alone time with Mu Yazhe.

After spending the last of his energy in sweet intimacy with her for the rest of the evening, the two of them fell contentedly asleep in each others arms.

In the villa next door, on the other hand, Chu He and Gu Jinglian had extraordinary vitality.

As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Baby Chu lamented to Chu He that he was tired.

After all, there was a time difference and it was already late night back home in their own country.

Chu He coaxed the boy to sleep.

Linxi, on the other hand, was able to adapt to the time difference, so Chu He and Gu Jinglian took him for a walk on the beach.


With the fine sand under their feet and kicking the waves, Chu He took Gu Jinglians hand and enjoyed a rare moment of peace.

After the birth of the twins, Chu He, who was now in her lactation period, felt that she was almost sucked dry by the two brats.

Ordinary people would not understand the sufferings brought on by breastfeeding.

Even after the lactation phase, the children needed company.

They woke up crying every day.

It was a real torture.

These two brats, should one love them or hate them! But after all, they were her children.

How could a mother not love her children Only, she hated being tortured by these two crybabies.

Therefore, she had to make a quick escape for a while!

Now, there was finally some peace and quiet.

Although it would be a lie to say that she didnt miss them, the point was that she felt more relaxed than ever!

Gu Jinglian felt sorry for her, too.

He knew that long after her lactation, shed continue to be busy with the four children.

He was aware, and his heart ached for her.

Hence he had put the honeymoon on the agenda, in hope that she could relax for a while.

Surely it wouldnt be right to reverse the order and focus on the children after getting married That would be getting the meaning of marriage all wrong.

Apart from family, marriage is primarily about the relationship between husband and wife.

During that period, hed been busy at work and rarely spent time with her.

So hed thought to take advantage of their honeymoon to add some sparks to their relationship.

He had thought she would feel tired upon arrival.

Apparently, he was wrong.

What sort of person was Chu He In her previous life, she was an Interpol anti-vice inspector.

She was physically much fitter than many men.

It happened that Gu Jinglian was not tired as well.

Chu He even teased him about being a man of his age and still able to endure jet lag so well.

Gu Jinglian was not happy to hear this of course.

What did she mean by “a man of his age”! He was obviously a young man!

Being somewhat displeased, he whispered in her ear, “Doubting my physical condition are you Watch how I deal with you tonight!”

Chu He turned scarlet when she heard this, but she smiled helplessly.

“I was only joking.

How can you take it seriously Are you a child”

“Yes, Im childish.

Im hopeless.”

Chu He could do nothing about this man.

As she laughed, Gu Jinglian walked over and gently took her hand.

“Do you like it here” Gu Jinglians voice softened.

Chu He said sincerely, “I do.

Its very peaceful.

I can feel myself calming down as I enjoy the sea breeze.”

“Then, we can come more often in the future.”

“Isnt that too extravagant”

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