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Chapter 4179: The Other Side 148Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Early in the morning on the day of their departure, Hua Jin got up and began to pack, getting ready for the trip.

He had bought quite a few dresses for Natalia to wear for the beach vacation.

Some had tiny floral prints, some were Lolita style.

He really liked them and imagined Natalia would look lovely in them.

He looked forward to seeing her in these dresses.

Once he was packed, he went to wake Natalia.

Ever since he became Natalias guardian, Hua Jin had been very diligent in his role as a newbie dad.

After announcing his withdrawal from the entertainment industry, he did not have many opportunities to go out, so he focused on learning hair braiding techniques.

The Internet was very developed now.

Even though he knew nothing about this topic, he learned very quickly through online instructions.

In a short period of time, he had learned several methods of braiding.

And so, triumphantly, the actor went to Natalia armed with his new skill of hair braiding.

It did look as though he was looking for some recognition! However, it seemed to have turned out to be a good idea.

Every girl loves to look pretty.


Natalia had her own little desire to look pretty.

After the actor braided her hair for the first time, she realized how beautifully it could be done.

Back when shed been at Michel Hospital, no one had taken such meticulous care of her.

But now Hua Jin was seeing to every little detail concerning her, even her hair.

Therefore, her hair was always let out.

Fortunately, her hair was in good condition.

Otherwise, it was hard to imagine what she would have looked like, running around with her hair let out all the time.

That morning, after Natalia woke up, Hua Jin volunteered to braid her beautiful hair before they left for the trip.

Natalia changed into the floral dress the actor had picked out for her and sat obediently in front of the vanity mirror.

She gazed at herself in the mirror with pursed lips, her eyes beautiful as crescent moons.

The actor began to weave her hair according to the technique he had learned.

Natalia studied his serious expression through the mirror.

She opened her mouth but said nothing.

He caught a glimpse of her subtle expression and asked gently, “What is it You look as if you have something to say.”

“Do you know magic, Uncle”

“Why do you ask” the actor asked, torn between amusement and surprise.

Natalia cocked her head as she swung her legs gently.

“Because, I think the braiding looks so good its as if youve cast a spell on me.”

“Haha.” Hua Jin answered solemnly.

“Thats because youre pretty as a doll.”

“Really” Natalia turned back to her reflection and smiled sweetly.

Admittedly, the actor had managed to close the distance between them a little more, through his new found skill in hair braiding.

If his ex-colleagues were to witness this scene, their eyes would probably pop out.

The actor had always been a Demon King on the set.

He was arrogant.

He was rebellious.

He seemed rather stand-offish.

But unexpectedly, in the presence of Natalia, this gentle side of his emerged as he weaved her hair with great care.

Her silky locks followed the movement of his jade-like fingertips, there was an indescribable beauty in the entire dance.

They were almost done when Natalia looked surprised, as if she found it novel.

“Is this new”

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