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Chapter 4165: The Other Side 134Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Given this experience, hospital visits had cast an indelible shadow over him.

He avoided them.

“Dont worry! Its nothing serious.” The actor wasnt sure what had caused him to be so lethargic, but he knew one thing for sure… It had nothing to do with his body.

Yun Shishi felt equally helpless.

However, seeing how insistent the actor was, there was nothing she could do.

“You do remember that incident!” Qin Zhou snorted and casually threw a stack of newspapers in front of him.

“Then you might as well explain your request to terminate your contract with Huanyu and this news!”

His tone was rather unfriendly and he seemed quite angry.

Hua Jin had practically left without saying a word.

Even the filming was hastily wrapped up.

Then there was that inexplicable phone call to tell Qin Zhou that he had decided to retire and not take on any more events for the time being.

He was also willing to take all responsibility for the breach.


Qin Zhou was taken by surprise.

He asked Hua Jin for the reason but the actor didnt elaborate, he had only expressed regrets.

It had not been easy all these years for Qin Zhou to groom him.

Now that Hua Jin had announced his semi-retirement, Qin Zhou even doubted himself and the system he built.

Why did his artiste quit for no reason

This did not apply to Gu Xingze of course.

But be it Yun Shishi or Hua Jin, one had retired for family reasons, the other for some unknown reason…

In his confusion, he saw another piece of breaking news in the media.

The paparazzi had taken pictures of Hua Jin walking around the mall with a girl.

He was seen holding Natalias hand and taking her to the childrens section to buy toys…

Coincidentally, the reporter was also shopping at the mall.

He recorded this on his cell phone and had rather effortlessly created a sensational piece of news that rocked the entertainment industry…

“Hua Jins illegitimate daughter exposed!”

“Popular actor appears in the bustling mall, holding the hand of a mixed-race girl.

Their relationship is mysterious…”

In addition, the news that Hua Jin was planning to retreat temporarily from the entertainment industry was spreading like wildfire.

Therefore, everyone speculated and suspected that Hua Jin had an illegitimate daughter and was being blackmailed into getting married.

Therefore, he planned to get married, retire from the entertainment industry, and let go of his acting career…

Hua Jin gaped at the hyped up report in the newspaper, his face almost contorted.

“What sort of rubbish!”

“I was about to ask you!” Qin Zhou was displeased and said, “You didnt even tell me that you had an illegitimate daughter! Even if you had some matters that cannot be spoken about, I wouldnt blame you if you had said so! But to retire without saying anything… Do you have any respect for me”

“Uh…” The actor was speechless.

He said with a throbbing head, “Actually… I dont know how to sort out this relationship, but the child really isnt mine.”

“Not yours” Qin Zhou sounded skeptical.


“Dont you know me!” The actor looked aggrieved.

“Am I the type to mess around!”

“Well… no, I guess.” Qin Zhou changed the subject.

“Youre a delicate little flower.

You dont have the ability to devastate others, you can only be devastated by others.”


The actor clutched the blanket to his chest, aggrieved.

“Thats outrageous! Im a good boy.

I wont do anything kinky! Dont judge me like that!”

“Alright then…” Qin Zhou looked all solemn again.

“So the background of this child is…”

The actor was about to explain when Yun Shishi said helplessly, “As a matter of fact… er… Im partly to blame for this.”

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