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Since he was already here, he might as well have fun.

Hence, he tried all the rides, such as Tower of Babel, Rocket-Coaster, Ice Mountain Thrill, et cetera, that he could get on.

Whenever he rode the rollercoaster rides, he would take the chance to vent his pent-up frustrations and grievances by screaming along the other passengers as the train gained heart-stopping speed on its downward path.

It was as if, by doing this, the pain in his heart would be released!

He was not a weak child, but todays occurrence had undoubtedly left a scar in his heart.

Girls were naïve and innocent creatures to him, yet Song Enxis action invalidated this.

I hate girls!

I hate Song Enxi!

The boys body swayed slightly as he got off the rollercoaster.

The sun was gradually striving for the zenith.

Lifting his tender face to the sky, he saw that the weather was very fine.

However, somehow, the warm sunshine could not reach his heart!

No matter how much he tried to enjoy himself, it was not the same without his daddy!

“I hate… birthdays… the most.” He gloomily sat on the long bench.

“Shishi, thank you for your hard work today!”

After the trial shoot, Mu Xi sent her to the door with a smile.

“Ill show you the photos when the trial shots are ready.”

“Eh, thank you.”

The assistant suddenly thought of something and quickly asked, “Oh, yes.

Do you have Weibo”


“Dont tell me you dont know how to use Sina Weibo”

“Er… I dont have a habit of using Weibo,” she admitted.

“Im usually very busy so…”

“Ha ha! No matter how busy you are, you should find some time to use it! Its not like you are similar to my sister who doesnt have time for Weibo as her life revolves around her child,” the assistant wryly commented.

Yun Shishi gave a start as the words hit the bulls eye.

In the past, she was busy with work, so whatever free time she had left, she spent it on Youyou.

She simply did not have the extra time to socialize on sites like Weibo.

Her assistant did not know that she had a son, however.

She was purposely keeping this a secret as she wanted her personal life to remain private.

This was to minimize any outside interference in Youyous future.

Thus, she merely agreed along.

“Eh, Ill apply for a public account later.”

“Alright! Let me know once you finish applying for an account.

Ill get your account verified.” Saying that, the assistant waved goodbye to her.

“Later, then! Wait for my news!”


She rushed home and saw Yun Tianyou waiting for her in the living room.

His face livened up the moment he spotted her.

He reckoned that his mommy was too busy to keep to their appointment, so he was not too hopeful from the very start!

As he read the financial news on the couch, he dared not have high hopes on their date!

Nonetheless, when his mother returned home earlier than the agreed time, he looked visibly moved in his usual restrained manner.


A ray of light seemed to radiate off his face as he circled around his mother twice with a loud hooray and then plunged himself into her open arms.

“Mommy, Youyou loves you the most!”

“Good boy, did you wait long” The sight of her son swept away all the negative thoughts surrounding that event just this morning.

Her darling son simply had the capability to dismiss all her depressing thoughts and feelings with his sweet smile.

It was very healing.


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