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“No!” he vehemently rejected.

Mu Yazhes face instantly turned frosty.

“Are you being stubborn to daddy now”

“What daddy said isnt right, so Im going to be stubborn!” The misunderstood kid stood with a resolute look despite his internal misery.

He would not admit defeat before the Song sisters.

“I refuse to apologize for something I didnt do!”

“Then, tell daddy, did you push little sister” the man asked him seriously.

The boy was lost for words for a while.

“I did…” he uttered with much difficulty before quickly clarifying, “but its because she bit me; I didnt use—”

“Since you pushed her and she fell down, shouldnt you apologize” His father was still trying to guide his son patiently.

The man did not care for who was in the wrong; he was only concerned with his son.

He wanted to ensure that Little Yichen was man enough to own up to his mistake.

Even if the boy did not intend for this to happen, he was still responsible for her fall, so it was his duty, as Yichens father, to see him apologize for it.

“You ought to reflect on your mistake!”

The child always took his fathers words like law, so albeit very reluctant, he still went ahead and apologized to his little cousin.

Wanting this whole matter to pass soon, he bowed his head and said, “Sorry, Enxi; Im in the wrong.

I shouldnt have pushed you!”

Alas, his apology did not stop her from crying.

What else could he do besides apologize, though

He already did his part; he was not interested in being forgiven, anyway!

“Uncle Mu, hug… hug…” The little girl ignored the boys apology and, looking up at Mu Yazhe with teary eyes, stretched out her hand for a hug.

Her request was something he could possibly not reject at the moment.

The girl finally stopped crying when he took her in his arms.

Having reached her goal, she subtly flashed Little Yichen a triumphant smile.

He could only clench his fists in silent anger.

Someone from Lezhi Holdings rushed over.

Li Hanlin was monitoring Fairy Tale Valley that day for reasons unknown, and when he found out that a child was hurt, he quickly arranged for an emergency medical care.

His eyes twitched a little when he saw the party involved.

“Principal Li” Mu Yazhes eyes slanted at the man.

He recognized the agent!

“Oh… Oh, what a coincidence!” the agent exclaimed awkwardly.

“Director Mu, how are you doing”

The medical personnel arrived with a stretcher and tried to relieve the man of the girl, but she furiously clung onto Mu Yazhe for dear life.

He had to compromise.

“Uncle Mu, can you keep me company”

“Eh, be good.

Uncle Mu will follow you.”

“Eh… With Uncle Mu around, Im not afraid of anything.” She sobbed pitifully.

Little Yichen stood alone on the spot.

Noting that his father was about to get into the ambulance, he quickly intercepted.

“Daddy, arent you keeping me company on my birthday”

“Get into the ambulance; we follow Enxi to the hospital first.”

“But… today is my birthday!” Forcing a smile, he fought hard to keep his father by his side.

The mans expression turned dark, and he firmly said in a low tone, “Ill come with you again next time; we cant continue today!”

Not continuing… How can we simply stop here

Pursing his lips, he refused to budge.

“I dont want…”



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