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Chapter 4113: The Other Side 82Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Gong Jie sat down and gently stroked her forehead.

“Good girl! You should go to sleep!”

“I want you to accompany me…” Natalias wheedling tone left him defenseless.

There was nothing he could do about it, so he lay down beside her and straightened her blanket.

He nuzzled her forehead with the tip of his nose.

“Go to sleep! Good night…”

Natalia smiled, and her eyelids gradually closed.

Soon she was asleep.


Before nightfall, Youyou was sent back to the Mu family residence.

When he told Yun Shishi that Gong Jie had adopted a daughter, she was so shocked that her eyes almost popped out!

How was that possible! This brother of hers was known to be a cold person, and now he had actually adopted a child out of the kindness of his heart!

She couldnt wait to meet this girl who had caused her brother to act in a way so atypical of him!

Youyou had a key to the villa.

There were three keys in total.

Hua Jin had one, Gong Jie had the other, and the last was held by Youyou.

However, the next day, when Yun Shishi unlocked the door to the villa and entered the bedroom with Youyou, she saw the three of them sleeping in each others arms…

She was beside herself!

When Youyou saw her frozen on the spot, he poked his head in curiously as well, only to gasp in horror at the sight of Gong Jie holding Natalia while she slept with her arms wrapped around Hua Jin.

“Uh… cough… cough!” Youyou cleared his throat sternly.

Gong Jie, a light sleeper, opened his eyes with a start at the sound of movement in the room and turned towards the source of the noise.

He was at once greeted by the sight of Yun Shishi and Youyou standing in the doorway.

Alarmed, he immediately sat up in bed, ruffling his tousled hair before following her gaze to his side…

Hua Jin… Ugh.

He recalled.

Last night, it seemed that the three of them had slept together.

But wasnt it normal for a man to sleep with a man Why was his sister giving him such a look

Gong Jies lips twitched.

Could she have misunderstood something!


It wasnt as if shed said anything explicitly.

And if she didnt, it meant he wouldnt even have a chance to explain.

But if he tried too desperately to explain, it would inevitably make things worse.

Hed be making a fool of himself!

However, the way Yun Shishi was sizing him up made it seem like she was saying, “I understand.

Theres no need for you to explain…”

Feeling more and more frustrated, Gong Jie stretched out his lanky leg and immediately kicked Hua Jin to wake him.

The actor woke up at once, too, and sat bolt upright.

He thought he was dreaming when he saw Yun Shishi, and laughed foolishly.

When he turned around and saw that Gong Jie was there, as well, he was instantly wide awake! “This…”

Why was he sleeping in this room!

The actor thought back carefully and finally found the answer.

He remembered now.

Last night, Gong Jie had sung to Natalia, but as he listened, he fell asleep.

The night had been peaceful and dreamless.

He knew nothing after that.

From the looks of it, could Gong Jie have stayed in this room all night He was sure that was the case.

Natalia must have been reluctant to let him go, and pestered him to stay.

His eyelid twitched even more violently when he saw Yun Shishis strange expression.

He was reduced to the same awkward situation as Gong Jie.

He also sensed that she had obviously misunderstood something, but there was no way he could explain it if she would not broach the subject!

What to do now…

He couldnt let her misunderstand! After much thought, the actor decided to offer an explanation.

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