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Chapter 4112: The Other Side 81Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The actor halted like someone slamming hard on the car brakes.

“Sit over here.” Gong Jie barked another command.

With an air of great resignation, Hua Jin moved stiffly back to the bed like a robot.

“Lie down!” The actor lay down stiffly on the bed.

“Give her a cuddle.” The actor was about to protest when he felt a piercing glance through the darkness.

Startled, he opened his arms and immediately took Natalia in his embrace.


The Demon King was satisfied.

He leaned towards Natalia and whispered in her ear, “Daddy will sing to you, okay”

“Eh” Natalia smiled in surprise.


The actor was horrified to hear that Gong Jie was going to sing.

Good heavens.

Gong Jie singing… wouldnt that be… a disaster

He vaguely recalled that Youyou did not seem to have much talent for singing! Along this line of reasoning, Gong Jie, as his uncle, would probably not have the musical genes in him too…

As he made these wild deductions, Gong Jie parted his thin lips slightly and his extremely magnetic and deep voice filled the air…

“Raindrops outside the window, pitter patter,

It falls into the heart and freezes to become ice,

Remembering the past, the seasons of time

Two in a room, rose champagne.

You left and all I could do was embrace the cold air…”

Hua Jin was stunned by Gong Jies deep voice as the man sang!

Perhaps he had not expected much from him.

He had always thought that Gong Jie must be as tone-deaf as Youyou, forgetting that the boy could have inherited his tone-deafness from his father.

He recalled again that Gong Jies mother was Mu Qingcheng.

Her voice had once taken the capital city by storm.

Then, with a mother who sang like that, Yun Shishi sang well, too.

And how could Gong Jies singing be bad

It was great… Even comparable to Gu Xingzes voice.

In the world of singers, Gu Xingzes voice was generally embraced by the public.

His voice was soulful, magnetic, and had a penetrating quality to it.

It wasnt so much the voice, but its ability to stir the listeners emotions.

It was easy to infect everyone.

To be fair, Gu Xingzes singing skills were definitely not the best.

But… The infectious quality of his voice, however, was the strongest.

Gong Jie outshone him.

So much so that listening to the song made Hua Jin want to weep

“About your memories

there are too many to count



Loneliness sings to me

I dont want to forget

Traces of your visit.

How else would I prove it

The dawn that we waited to see together

Even if I lose you,

Ill keep loving you

Even if the world withers away

I gave myself an ending…


Gong Jie sang only on rare occasions.

He didnt like listening to songs and hardly sang.

In the past, when Yun Shishi had pestered him to sing, he had been too shy to do so.

Facing Natalia, however, he could shrug off all that baggage.

After two songs, Gong saw that Hua Jin was breathing steadily and knew that he was asleep.

Natalias eyelids were growing heavy and she was drowsy.

He stood up and was about to leave when a tiny hand grabbed him.

Gong Jie turned and saw that Natalia had taken his hand.

Her voice almost breaking, she said, “Dont go…”.

Her weak and gentle voice sounded reluctant.

“Please stay with me! Otherwise… I cant sleep… okay…”

Upon hearing this, Gong Jie found himself not being able to walk away.

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