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Chapter 4106: The Other Side 75Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Youyou looked even more somber as he said, “More accurately, its not that hes preparing to do it.

Rather, he has already done it.”


Hua Jin was stunned.

“Can personalities be created just like that”

He had always thought that split personalities were either a result of environmental influence or a genetic trait.

Hed never heard that it could be cultivated by humans.

Someone actually used such a young child to carry out this sort of unorthodox experiment! In the past, he looked up to scientists because he felt that scientists had contributed a lot to humanity.

But now hearing this, Hua Jin felt a chill run down his spine!

It was too… terrifying!


“A split personality is an extremely painful thing! How could he do that”

“Most likely its because an adopted child has no blood relation.

Therefore, he doesnt cherish her at all.

He isnt worthy of being Natalias father…”

“Thats why…” The actor looked at Gong Jie, suddenly seeing him in a new light.

“So he managed to take over the custody of Natalia”


Uncles taken over custody of Natalia, but, as you know, he works and cant have Natalia around him all the time given how dangerous his job is.

So, when necessary, someone needs to take care of her.

Youd be perfect for that.”

“Why” He pointed at himself, surprised.

“Why me Im busy at work, too!”

“Because Uncle Hua Jin is very gentle!” The boys eyes narrowed as he smiled.

“Youre so gentle with me, youll be just as gentle with Natalia! Im sure youll treat her well!”

The actors heart warmed at that.

He hadnt expected the boy to think of him that way.

“Dont worry, Ill definitely take good care of her!”

The boy raised his hand and stuck out his pinkie.

“Well, thats a deal!”

“Uh huh!” The actor approached Natalia and lowered himself gently so that he was looking into her eye.

“From now on, Natalia, will you call meDaddy”

“Eh Daddy”

Natalia blinked her pretty eyes at him and then at Gong Jie.

Her long lashes fluttered like butterfly wings, so that his heart melted at the sight! He couldnt help thinking how nice it would be if this little girl before him was his very own daughter! Then again, if she were his daughter and took after him, shed be very pretty, too.


“Uh huh!” He squeezed her tiny hand.

“Stop calling meuncle.

How about calling meDaddy”

But Natalia laughed and said, “I have two daddies”

The actor was equally taken aback by her remark.

How could he have forgotten that Natalia already had Gong Jie as her father!

“Can I call you Mommy” Natalia suddenly asked.

Hua Jin was instantly shocked and muttered, “Why would you do that”

“Because…” Natalias answer would completely stump the actor.

“Because… youre prettier than a flower! And you dont look like a man.”

“Hahaha!” Youyou burst out laughing!

Even Gong Jie, who usually wore a poker face, found himself smiling when he heard this.

However, he held back his laughter.

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