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Chapter 4090: The Other Side 59Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

She didnt seem to like talking.

The boy found himself sizing her up.

Alice said that Natalia had a split personality disorder, but one couldnt tell by looking at her.

“Natalia…” The boy probed again, calling her name softly.

Natalia looked up, her lashes fluttering slightly.

She tilted her head and finally took a serious look at the boy before her.

She couldnt help being attracted to his deep, exquisite eyes.

“Your eyes are really beautiful.” Her eyes seemed to twinkle brightly as she smiled.

Was she complimenting him


Youyou actually smiled back.


“You… really didnt mean it” Natalya was still incredulous.

The boy immediately clarified, “Yes, really!”

“Well then, if you do me a favor, Ill stop being angry.” Natalya crossed her arms, looking as proud as a kitten.

Youyou couldnt help being curious.

“What kind of favor”

Natalia smiled and suddenly reached out and gripped his hand tightly.


The girl took his hand and led him down a corridor, finally stopping at the door of a room.

She shushed him and carefully pushed the door open.

The room seemed to be an office.

He followed her in.

Natalya went to the cabinet and pointed above it.

“Up here!”

“Up here”

“Theres a box up there.

If you can get it for me, Ill be your friend.”

The boy laughed at that.

Did she have such low standards for friends “Okay, Ill get it for you.”

The cabinet was very tall, nearly two meters.

The boy brought a chair and stood on it.

He reached for the box and opened it.

Inside was a dazzling array of amber candy.

“Candy” Youyou was taken by surprise.

He had thought there was some treasure hidden in this box, but it turned out to be candies.

“Thank you.” Natalia seemed content as she took the candy from his hand with a satisfied smile.

She drew a green amber candy, seemingly green apple flavor, from the box and handed it to the boy.

“There you go!”

The boy looked surprised as he took the candy.

“Why… why do you keep it here” he asked curiously.

Natalya pouted, and said angrily, “I didnt hide it.

They did.”


“Uh huh,they wont let me have any candies.”

“Why” The boy began to feel worried.

She must mean Professor Romanka Judging from the interior decoration, it was probably Professor Romankas office.

“Why wont they let you have any sweets”

“I dont know.” Natalia was clearly unhappy.

She sat down on the sofa with the candy box in her arms and grinned as she unwrapped one of the candies wrapped in red paper.

She even squeezed the candy and smiled as she showed it to the boy.

“My favorite strawberry flavor.”

The boy hesitated.

On the one hand, he was overwhelmed by the fact that the child before him was as pure as crystal, displaying her disappointment and happiness over a piece of candy.

He had no defense against such a smile.

On the other hand, he couldnt help but worry as he watched on.

He was worried that Professor Romanka wouldnt allow the girl candies for reasons related to her health.

So he stepped forward and took the box back from her.

“Dont eat it.”

Natalias smile froze on her face.


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