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Chapter 4087: The Other Side 56Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

However, Professor Romanka took an unorthodox approach and created a police personality.

Moreover, he kept hypnotizing that personality and urging that personality to destroy all of Lucys bad personalities.

“Destroy them all” The boy felt a chill down his spine when he heard this.


“Professor Romanka is preparing an experiment.”


“Uh huh.” Alice explained, “He hopes to gather all the personalities together through a dream scenario.

Then he would awaken the police personality as part of the primary personality.

He would then tell her to destroy the other evil and negative personalities, leaving the only good primary personality behind.

If this experiment were to be successful, he would certainly achieve academic recognition and become the absolute authority in the field of multiple personality disorder.”


“Thats selfish.” The boy frowned.

“Whats the difference between that and murder”

Alice was silent for a moment.

“I agree with the philosophy, but I dont agree with his methods.

I also think the method is too cruel.

Besides, treating the symptoms doesnt solve the root of the problem.

He might use a good personality to destroy a bad one today.

But how was he going to prevent that good personality from going bad, and how would he prevent a new bad personality from being created in the future Ive argued with him, but hes stubborn.

I cant dissuade him.”

“So, Lucy became a test subject”

Alice nodded and smiled.

“Im helpless.

After all, Im not the authority in this academic field.

I dont have much say.

Besides, Lucy is a patient hes taken on.

I cant interfere with his treatment.”

Youyou was suddenly alert.

“If his experiment were to be successful, then… will you repeat this experiment on me”

Alice was speechless for a moment.

“Your uncle would rip me to shreds if I were to experiment on you!” she said helplessly.

Gong Jie protested.

“Am I that scary”

“Youre worse than I made you sound.” Alice said tactfully, “If I dare to use this treatment plan on your nephew, youll definitely kill me!”

“I wouldnt go that far,” the man said casually.

“Because you wouldnt dare either.”

Alice laughed, glanced at the boy and shrugged.


The boy covered his mouth to hide his grin.

“This uncle of mine is quite protective of me at critical moments!”

Gong Jie rubbed the boys head and said grumpily, “Are you saying that I dont protect you at non-critical times You ingrate!”

“Okay, okay, Uncle is the best!”

Having been complimented by the boy, the man felt light-headed.

“Whos better, Uncle or Daddy”

“Both are fine,” the boy replied ambiguously.

The man, however, refused to give up and proceeded to throw out another question.

“If you were given two choices—play with your uncle or your daddy—which would it be”

He seemed to be deliberately making things difficult, asking the sort of question that only a typical “deeply resentful woman” would ask.

Alice said coolly, “Isnt that a question only divorced people ask their children”

“Why, cant I ask a question like that” Gong Jie demanded haughtily.

Then he turned his expectant gaze on Youyou.

The boy deliberated for a long time before giving his honest answer.

“Daddys better.”


The man looked crushed.

How was he inferior to Mu Yazhe!

“Because Daddy has Mommy,” the boy said, in line with his conscience.

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