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Chapter 4079: The Other Side 48Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“I find it hard to imagine falling for someone.

Do I have to live with my wife when I get married”

“How would it be otherwise”

Gong Jie countered, “Do you want to stick to your mommy forever”

The boy hesitated.

“If Daddy doesnt mind!”

“Im sure he minds.”



“Who doesnt want some time alone with the woman he loves!” For once, Gong Jie was making a stand for Mu Yazhe.

“Dont tell me youll grow up to be a mommys boy!”

“I dont know.

Isnt it a good thing, being a mommys boy”

“Mommys boys are much despised people.

If you do that, it will inevitably cause a war between mother and daughter-in-law!”

The boys lips twitched.

“Uncle, youre not even married.

Why are you thinking about what happens after Im married”

His brother snorted in disapproval.

“Im just worried about you!”

“Uncle, dont worry about me.

Its better to mind your own lifelong affairs.”

The man smiled faintly at that.

“I think it is better to be alone and at ease.

I have no interest in women.”

“Oh” The boys interest was piqued and he felt rather nosy.

“You actually do like men, dont you”

Gong Jie frowned and glanced at him.

“You seem very nosy about my love life.”

“Get over it! Stop worrying about other peoples judgment,” the boy assured him with an old pat on the shoulder.

“Our societys very open these days, and its not uncommon for men to like men.

Theres freedom to love, and people of the same gender can fall in love.”

Gong Jies eyelids twitched violently again.

It was hard to imagine that such words would come from a ten-year-old child!

It was extremely out of place.

The man suddenly changed the topic.

“Alice recently took in a girl who, like you, has multiple personalities.

Shes eighteen.

Apparently, she plans to start with this girls condition and take a deeper dive into this area of work.”

The boy was surprised to hear this.

“Multiple personalities”

“Uh huh.”

“Can I … see her”

Gong Jie raised an eyebrow.

“Why do you want to see her”

“Cant I see her” The boy pouted indignantly.

The man couldnt dissuade him.


Ill take you there when youre on vacation.”

“Uh huh.” The boy paused, then mysteriously made a gesture to shush the man.

“Dont tell Gong Fan about this, in case he gets sensitive.”

“Got it.”

Lucy, the girl Alice had mentioned, was being held at Michel Hospital in Miami.

The reason she was in custody was that there was a berserker among Lucys personalities.

As a result, Lucy had at one time been viewed as dangerous, and thus was heavily monitored and completely deprived of her personal freedom.

Before Alice took over, Lucy had been Professor Romankas patient.

Professor Romanka was a living textbook in the fields of psychology and psychiatry.

More than that, he was an honorary professor at Michel Hospital.

His work in the fields of psychology and psychiatry were regarded as authoritative.

Lucy had been locked up in Michel and was not allowed any visitors.

If it hadnt been for Alices connection, it would have been impossible to meet her.

Before flying to Miami, Alice had repeatedly warned Gong Jie not to reveal that Youyou had a split personality disorder when he saw Professor Romanka.

“This guy is crazy.

You have to be careful.”

Even though he didnt know why Alice had warned him about this, he agreed unconditionally.

Alice had always been in possession of the boys medical report.

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